3 ways to have the sex of your life

Sex is very pleasurable when it is done right. It sends this sensation throughout your body that leaves you quaking with immense pleasure once your partner knows where to touch and when. It’s really easy and so much fun!

Learning how to spice up your sex life is far easier than you think. There are simple things that you can try out with your partner that will work just as effectively without you needing to go over the top.

Get started with these 3 for more electrifying sexual encounters with your boo:

SEX OF YOUR LIFELearn new sex positions

The easiest way to spice up your sex life is to start by learning some new sex positions. But, just because a position looks exotic or you need to be very flexible to perform it, it doesn’t actually mean that it’s more pleasurable.

It can certainly be fun to try it out once or twice. You will actually discover that there are lots of positions that are far more fun, pleasurable, and better at spicing up your sex life that are very simple to perform. Just try something new for a new rush of adrenaline.

Find out what turns your partner on

Every person has things that turn them on immensely that may not be so exciting for other people. For some guys it could be getting a passionate blowjob or having their partner talk dirty to them. It’s completely natural and nothing to be ashamed about.

Start by asking your partner if there is anything that they would like to try out in the bedroom. This is a nice, relaxed way to start exploring what they really get turned on by.

Once they can see that you are comfortable exploring what they like, they will open up to you and you both will have the ride of your lives. It will be fun to share yours with your partner too and then eventually act on them. It’s also a great way to connect with each other.

Oral sex rocks

Oral sex spices up your sex life. Men love getting blowjobs from their partner because it just feels fantastic. Women love being licked down there as the sensation is heavenly. Couples who wish to try out oral sex for the first time need to let go of the guilt feeling. You are not doing anything wrong.

Going down on your woman is the greatest gift of ecstasy you can give her. Gently down on her, while parting her legs and kissing each side of her laps before running your tongue on her clitoris. This will make her moan with pleasure and grab your head asking for more.

Your man needs to receive the good old BJ from you to testify that sex is good. Lovingly hold his penis, then use your tongue to lick from the tip to the end before sucking him gently with slow, sexy motions. His moans of pleasure will tell you you are doing the right thing.


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