Ibukun Awosika’s advice for business owners

Ibukun Awosika’s feats in the business world are not commonplace. As a woman who knows what she wants, challenges didn’t deter her. With business interests in manufacturing, retail and bank-way security systems services, Awosika, is without doubt a heavyweight in her field. An entrepreneur par excellence, she is Chairman, Board of Directors of First Bank Nigeria Limited, she is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Chair Centre Group.

Ibukun Awosika

Ibukun Awosika

The multiple award-winning entrepreneur and the first Nigerian recipient of the prestigious International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Award as a nominee of the United States Department of State, is living her dreams. She believes in staying true to her personal values and virtues even in business.

“I can guarantee that you won’t last long in business if you cut corners. When I started the furniture business, I had people who started about the same time as I did. There are people in the furniture industry I call government children; once their people go out of power, their businesses cease to exist. I am content with the little I make because I made it the right way and sometimes you need to fight for survival.’’

She advised business owners to understand that they are not indispensable to their businesses. ‘’You are not the most important person in your business, the guys who work for you are just as important as well. You must learn to respect them and the value they bring into your business. You can’t pay them peanuts and pay yourself all the money.”


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