My daughter’s first period

Having a daughter is a blessing. This is because motherhood is an unending journey.

Mothers have responsibilities towards their children even till old age. They are nurturers, helpers, guides and advisors.

They also have the unique responsibility of being a voice of reason when their daughters start hitting puberty.

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

One of the topics of discussion between mother and daughter is menstruation, how and when to talk to your daughter about it and what to say when it finally arrives. It’s not an easy stuff to talk about especially when you don’t want them towing the wrong path when it comes to love, sex and relationships.

Periods may seem simple to mothers now, but they know how it is for a woman to talk to her daughter about menstruation.

Mrs. Josephine Okeh shared her experience on her she handled her daughter’s first period when the red woman came calling last month.

I knew she would be wondering what was happening to her, she was eleven. She ran to me one day screaming that she injured herself and blood was rushing out of her. I was scared at first. I calmed her down and also regretted not talking to her about it until now. I felt like I had failed, but I summoned courage and told her to go clean up herself and come back because we have a mother and daughter talk.

Immediately she came back, I hugged her tight, telling her that she had become a woman. I felt scared too that she might not understand what I was saying. I told her she was fine and there was no problem. It was nature’s way of preparing her as a woman.

I informed my daughter it’s called menstruation, a sign that her body is changing and will ultimately look more like mine.

Proper hygiene was the high point of our discussion. She promised me she would do as I had instructed which to take her bath twice a day as well as change her pads regularly. It was awkward discussing this issue with my daughter, but it felt good to know we could share some women stuffs together and she wasn’t ashamed to talk to me.

I informed her that it comes once a month and she needed to calculate the number of days during her first period and the next one. This way, she can predict her fertile period known as ovulation. I was honest with her, waiting for questions because I know that being evasive adds a sense of secrecy that can make me and my daughter very uncomfortable.

I got a sanitary pad from my room and showed her how to put it correctly to avoid leakages from the sides. I shared my own experience with her to ease her fears.  I told her about sexual cramps, when my period started and also to be careful with boys.


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  1. Grace says:

    Nice one babe. Hoping to have a girl someday so I can talk to her about all this. Love

  2. grace says:

    Nice one babe I need a girl in my life chai

  3. queen says:

    I love the transparency and openness. I wish our mothers were like this. We for no dey hide dey do bad things those days.

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