10 ways you can ruin your first date

The first date involves many nervous glances and expectations alike. It is after all the first and maybe even the only chance to be with that special someone who could be your sweetheart for the rest of your life and you definitely don’t want to ruin it. But sometimes, your excitement and eagerness to charm your date may be your undoing. Below are some of the ways you can ruin your first date without knowing it.

Couple on a date

Couple on a date

Faking it

You can ruin your first date by trying too hard to be someone you aren’t will only lead to revealing your ‘true’ identity by the end of the night and with that ruining any chance of future with the cutie on the other side of the table. So, be at your best behaviour but don’t turn into somebody that’s totally not you.

Becoming an open book

The aura of mystery around your date is what that makes you want to meet your date a second time so the same thing goes for you as well. Keep the mystery alive so that your date has something more to look forward to knowing about you.

Assuming the world revolves around you

There are much more interesting things than just yourself, trust me. So, if you don’t want them to keep looking into their phone but listen to you, talk about them as well. Ask them questions about their life, dreams and aspirations.

Getting too nervous

You want them to like you and want the date to go well so being a little nervous is natural but when you are being yourself and having a nice conversation flowing, there is no need to get those sweaty palms. So, gather yourself and relax.

Dressing up too flamboyantly or too casually

Both are equally disastrous. If you dress up over the top, you will embarrass your date and similarly if you dress very simply your date could think you did not put in enough efforts to look your best for them. So the key is to maintain a balance, keeping in mind the venue and the occasion.

Forcing the chemistry

When things are ought to happen they happen and if they don’t, they simply don’t. If you will unnecessarily touch your date or be suggestive, it might put your date off.  They might never tell you, but you will probably not hear from them again.

Being bossy

On the first date, you don’t need to come out as a fussy and bossy person just to show how confident you are. So, if your date is excited about a certain topic, you don’t need to spat at them just because they are wrong or persuade them to do things just the way you like. Allow them to eat and drink and talk about whatever they are comfortable with.

Being a pushover

As much as you need to control your bossy attitude, you also need to be in grip of your too accommodating nature. Just for the sake of saving the evening and pleasing your date you definitely don’t need to agree to them at everything. If you don’t like shrimp, tell them so, only politely.

Bringing up your ex

You neither need to ask your date about their past relationships nor bitch about your own. The fact that you two are there on a date is a confirmation in itself that you have moved on. Keep your exes where they belong, in the past and work with what you have in front of you.

Over-complimenting your date

Complimenting your date for a thing or two is fine, in fact it actually wins you some additional points. But then, overdo it and you will prove you are desperate.

Showing your eagerness for a second date

Showing genuine interest in your date is one thing and being too eager and letting them know how badly you are smitten by them is another. By making plans for your second date together right in the middle of the first date itself only makes you look too needy. This can ruin the date. You should keep that for the end of the date or even later and keep the mystery and want alive.


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