What many Nigerian men love to hear in bed

Men love to hear sweet things in bed and Nigerian men are no exception.

No matter how long you have been married or how long you have known your man, he needs to hear some verbal assurance from you.

Exploring new touches and sensations can make sex seem like an exciting discovery the two of you are making together.

Many men love to hear some things whispered into their ears when the heat is on, let’s go ladies, give them the pleasure:

A happy man

A happy man


Touch me right there

Some men are turned on by the almost naked sight of their woman. Sight gives way to some mushy bedtime talks that can lead to some heated moments.

Let him know what makes you scream in other languages, it makes him feel great and in control. Don’t be forming holy holy with your husband.

 I want to see all of you

Being able to actually see each other, instead of fumbling around in the dark, is awesome. It means you are both comfortable with each other’s body. Your man loves to hear this from you.

Focus on how things feel or how his eyes light up as you show everything off. He can’t just wait to finish off what you have started.

Wake me up if you get horny

Setting an early alarm for a sex date can also work, especially if you are both tired in the evenings or likely to be disrupted when you head to bed.

The sex alarm is a huge way to send signals to your man and tell him how much you want to feel him. Your man will be excited to hear you tell him this.

I want you in my mouth

Many men love when their wives want to give them a blow job. Women know men love blow jobs, but some men would rather not have their wives go down on them out of respect or value or religion.

But when women insist on giving them this unparalleled pleasure, it is welcomed with this ‘take me baby, I am all yours for life’ reaction.

I was thinking about doing this all day

When a woman who is very busy at work or at her business and lets her mind wander back to her man and what dirty things she wishes to do to him during lights out, that is a huge compliment.

A few dirty daydreams can absolutely make your workday more exciting and letting your guy in on them will seriously get him going. He would definitely love to hear this from you.

Thinking about how it feels when he kisses you or slips his fingers underneath your bra strap can help switch your brain from feeling exhausted to feeling excited.

I love the way you smell

When a woman says she likes the way her man smells, he feels really manly. It also feels like it’s hot, a scent is so intimate, especially when you are naked.

Sex is all about senses, and letting your husband know and hear the ways he gets you going will help put you both in the mood.

He also may not realize how much his scent turns you on, and telling him is a good reminder of the sensual magnetism you have for each other.

That was perfect

When a woman who doesn’t make a lot of noise during the act of love making screams, ‘huh, that was perfect’, it means you got her right where she wanted it badly.

If he just rocked your world, the only good thing you can do for him at that moment is letting him know how the day’s sex was the best.

He needs to hear how you enjoyed it. You bet that he will put in more effort into pleasuring you more next time.



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