Lies you should stop telling yourself as the other woman

There are lies you should stop telling yourself as a married man’s side chick.

If as a young woman, you discover your boyfriend, or the man who keeps your head in the clouds is married, let him go. You shouldn’t live your life as a side chick.

This is a very sensitive issue that causes a lot of stir among ladies, especially the ones who share the gospel of ’the heart wants what the heart wants’.

Stop lying to yourself. You are just a past time for him. A married man who is cheating on his wife with you is not  a trustworthy person. Walk away from and stop telling yourself these lies:

I am his one true love

As a side chick, you might think you are his true love or you might even feel this way, but you should probably think again.

Most affairs are amazing at the beginning because you don’t have all those responsibilities a normal couple has like bills, children, quarrels and fights.

But, just like every beginning, this will come to an end too and even if now you do believe you are his true love, think about the fact that at a certain point in his life, his wife was his true love and that didn’t stop him from cheating on her.

Dear side chick, you are just another thrill of the chase in his hunting game and the joke is on you.

His wife doesn’t know how to make him happy

If you believe that he is with you because he isn’t satisfied in his marriage or that his wife is frigid, too demanding or even cold, you are being deceived.

As the side chick, you should know that these things are probably not true. He may be telling you these things just to get into your pants. Married men who are serial cheats are good liars too.

Most of the time, women who are being cheated on are often wonderful, loving wives who are taking care of their families.

You should know that maybe the one with the problem is the guy you are having that affair with and not his wife.

He will leave his family for me

This is another common lie women tell themselves when they are involved in an affair with a married man. Even if he does tell you that you are the most important person in his life and that he will leave his wife and kids so he will be with you, there are so many chances this isn’t true. It may never happen.

In most cases, especially if there are children involved, the husband will never leave his family. He will just tell you that so he will convince you to continue that affair. You can remain his side chick for years while he keeps playing the good family man. You are the loser in the end.

He wants us to stay indoors because he cherishes the time he spends with me

Most side chicks are often blinded by the feelings they have for that man and they just refuse to see the truth. I know you might think that the reason you don’t go out that much is the fact that he cherishes the time he spends with you and that’s why he wants you to stay in, when in fact, the truth is that he doesn’t want to risk getting seen with you in public, because his wife might find out about his affair.

Once he leaves his wife, it will be just us

Most of the times, the men who are leaving their family so that they could be with the other woman are quite guilt-ridden about losing their family soon after they did it.

They often realize that it wasn’t a smart decision and that they have caused a lot of pain to their loved ones. Also, if he has children from his former marriage, he will regret the fact that he won’t get to see them as much as he used to and in time, he might even blame you for that.

Either way, if he has children, you will never be just the two of you, because you will have to share him with his former family and with his kids. Being a side chick is not easy.

No one will love me more than he does

That you agree with him when he says no one will ever love you as much, as deeply, or as passionately as he does. Guess what? Affairs are passionate. A man who strings you along for days, months, even years is not worth your time and love. Girl, that isn’t love. Yes, love is patient, but it’s also kind. It’s not kind, in fact, it’s downright cruel to let you put your life on hold until it’s convenient for him to start reciprocating and don’t hold your breath for that, either.

If you think that no one will love you more than this man you are having an affair with, then you have low self-esteem. Everyone deserves to be loved and even if he might tell you that you will never find somebody better, don’t believe him. There are a lot of great guys who will love you for the wonderful person that you are, so stop hurting yourself and his family by being involved with him. Free yourself from his control and live your life the way you would love to live it, freely and loved.

He must really love me because he is so passionate

The thing with the affairs is that they are passionate; in fact this is the way they should be, so that’s why most people are tempted to cheat on their significant other, just for the thrills. So, stop lying to yourself, because this isn’t love. It’s more like an adrenaline rush or pure physical attraction that will end in a whirlwind like it started.

He spends money on you because he loves you

That you are buying lots of material things because you like them, rather than the fact that you are trying to fill the void in your life. Though it hurts to admit it, you know exactly what that void is and why you feel so empty, but you refuse to acknowledge that it’s because you don’t get enough of his time. You refuse to acknowledge that you could feel so incomplete without someone else, because you are so independent and don’t need his love or attention. Truth is, we all need something, it’s okay to feel lonely, and it’s even more okay to want to stop feeling that way.

He won’t leave you as long as you keep pleasing him sexually

That’s a great lie meant to entrap you the more in this web of lies, deceit and cheating. He probably wants to do crazier things with you because his actual significant other refuses to do it. Bonus douche points for him if he knows about this fear and exploits it.

Affairs can always cause a lot of pain to all the people involved: to his family, to him and especially to you. If you are tempted to take this step, think again and try to be rational. Find someone who really deserves you and who can really make you happy. If he’s married, leave him alone. Let him go pour all his love on his wife.



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