Find out what Nigerian singer Yemi Alade loves wearing

Yemi Alade was born on March 13, 1989 in Abia State, Nigeria. It is funny that Yemi Alade is referred to as a “Yoruba-Igbo girl” since her father, James Alade, is of Yoruba origin, while her mother, Helen Uzoma, is of Igbo origin.

This vivacious singer is the fifth of seven children. She attended St. Saviour British Primary School, and then went on to Victory Grammar School in Lagos before obtaining a degree in Geography at the University of Lagos.



Yemi Alade made her musical debut in an all-girl group called Noty Spices in 2005, but her music became widely popular after she won the Peak Talent Show in 2009. She later released her first single “Fimisile” under the Jus’ Kiddin’ label. In 2012, she signed onto the music label, Effyzzie Music Group, and released her single “Ghen Ghen Love”.

In July 2013, Yemi Alade released the video for her romantic afro-R&B song “Bamboo”, produced by Fliptyce. “Bamboo” went on to be a moderate hit and a popular wedding song. In the last quarter of 2013, she broke records when her most recent hit single, “Johnny”, produced by Selebobo, was leaked on the internet.

The song became an international smash hit as it dominated music charts in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and the United Kingdom, among others. It has been listed as one of the best songs of 2013, despite the fact that it was released towards the end of the year and without a music video.

She attributes her rise to the top to God, as well as to her passion for singing. To Alade, money or no money, it is the passion that keeps her going. She just focuses on being her unique, sassy self in the industry that lacks originality today.

Her aim in life was just to become better every day at what she does. Somehow, people noticed her many efforts and she is reaping the benefits of her hard work today. There have been low and high moments for this young, talented woman, but she kept learning every day.

No matter how famous she has become, Alade hasn’t changed. But being a famous person doesn’t permit her to do certain things she loved doing in the past like taking a walk without the fear of being lynched.

She calls her genre afropolitan. It is a mix of both African sounds and western sounds. But she has have four genres in her class of music and they include highlife, afrobeat, pop and R&B.

Yemi Alade loves wearing shorts because they allow her express herself well on the stage. Wearing her many shorts while performing, people can see and feel what she is doing with her legs while she is dancing. Shorts make her comfortable because she is energetic on stage, giving her fans what they want. Her dance steps leave her fans asking for more because she puts so much passion into what she does. She loves singing and dancing.

Recently, she gushed on Instagram about how far God had brought with a picture of her in a private jet heading to Togo setting the internet ablaze. Truly, the sky is the starting point for this amazing, talented young woman.


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