My proud daddy moments

Some fathers have proud daddy moments. This is children bring great joy to the family.

Children light up dull homes and bring life any environment they find themselves in.

But there are other lovely things that these children do that make their parents proud with hearts bursting with gratitude for having them.

Father and son

Father and son

For Mr. Ifeme says that most nights he comes home from work and the house quickly erupts into chaos, even if it isn’t in that shape before he gets home. Few nights go by without them fighting, crying or going to bed upset. Through all the chaos, feelings of hurt and screaming fits, he steps back to truly appreciate them for making him proud.

My three sons all under the age of 13 tend to bring that type of atmosphere. A full time job and a wife who is heavily involved in the kids’ school and sporting activities means we are all busy, and at times, overwhelmed. But there are things that help me believe I am not a failure as a dad.

No matter how stressed I am, listening to their ridiculous jokes leave me in stitches. There’s nothing better than an eight-year-old trying to tell a joke while laughing at himself at the same time because he knows the punch line. Sometimes it’s just a word that makes him laugh.

I am proud of my boys because of the way they negotiate. You know your job as a parent is progressing toward success when you realize that through the course of a conversation with your son, he somehow persuades you to change your mind. This can be achieved in different ways usually depending on age.

I am fortunate, though, that I have three sons that do their very best to show their love for their mom. I know that my kids love me, and I know that my relationship is different with them than with their mother. It does, however, warm my heart to see one of them curled up next to her on the couch or simply wanting to be near her while she is in the room.

Sure they fight and scream at each other. They go out of the way to annoy each other to the breaking point. However, the moments when they don’t know you are watching, and you see the love, be it a kind comment, the sharing of toys or even the occasional I love you, I know that something has gone right.

With each passing day, it becomes clear how little time I have to influence their lives so that I can be proud of the lives they would live in future.


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    Beautiful and inspiring story.

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