10 things women love about their men

Many men wonder what women truly want. Aside from the many physical and emotional differences between men and women, many men don’t really know what they can do to make their women stop acting crazy sometimes.

But aside from what women want in men sexually, there are different things a woman would want in a man. It all boils down to individual tastes.

Many women love good looking men. For these women, they go after what they want from their men in physical looks. What makes a woman love a man might also be his generosity or even his achievements.

Below are what some women love about their men:

Their bodies

Women love those sexy biceps and beards. They love the protective big hands of the men they love. And the beards, they are a huge turn on for some women.

Their ability to do what women can’t do

Women love men who carry heavy objects up the stairs, hang pictures and to change car tyres.

Their secret sensitive side

Women love guys show their sensitive side. Tears are a sign of extreme intimacy and the fact that a guy can cry in your presence means that he cares and trusts you.

Women also love it when they catch their men staring at them with what can only be described as “tenderness.” And when they pull their women close for a quick hug, or kisses the top of their heads, their hearts just melt.

Their scent

A man’s body wash, his aftershave and his cologne makes his woman swoon. All of it combines to create a perfume some women can’t help wanting to envelop themselves in.

Their brains

It’s been scientifically proven that the male brain is different from the female brain. This difference makes their women love and appreciate their men more.

Their sense of humor

Many women love when their men thrill them with jokes. They enjoy laughing and almost tearing up at the many jokes of these men who truly know how to make them relax.

Their natural protectiveness

It makes women happy when their men extend a hand in order to help them up a stair, or when they worry about their safety. It’s nice to feel taken care of.

Their clothes

Women love men who dress well. There is this pride that wells up in a woman’s heart whenever her man steps out and other women are captivated by his style.

Their dependability

It’s good to be with someone whose behavior is at least most of the time guided by logic and common sense rather than emotions. It makes women feel more secure.

Their undying passion

Many men desire their women even when they are unlovable. They show their love in different ways and if only their women could see it, relationships would be better and sweeter.


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  1. queen says:

    I want a man who will love all of me, my strengths and weaknesses inclusive.

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