I just met my daughter’s first boyfriend

It is a known fact that parents want the best for their children. They try to protect them from all that could go wrong even though it may sometimes be unappreciated. Parents also hope that wherever their children go and whatever they do, they are safe and happy.

Father and teenage daughter

Father and teenage daughter

As they grow older however, children will be faced with making more choices and this includes with whom they wish to share time and affection. As your teenage daughter starts to take an interest in boys, you will be faced with quite mixed emotions when being introduced to them for the first time.

Mr. Hogan Bassey is a father of two girls and a boy. His first daughter Stephanie is 17 years old. Having lost his wife three years earlier, he is saddled with the task of bringing up two teenage girls all by himself. Because of his closeness to his girls, he provided them a relaxed atmosphere where they could talk to him about anything ranging from sprouting breasts, having their monthly periods to having boyfriends.

‘’My first daughter took after her late mother. Even though she hasn’t had a serious relationship that I know of, there are few boys who around our neighbourhood that like to chat with her. We are very close, so she shares some funny stories about what the boys tell her with me. She assures me that she is not interested in any of them, to my relief of course.’’

However, recently, she has brought to my attention a young man that has caught her attention. His name is Bode. She says he’s smart, handsome, funny and focused. We decided to set up a meeting and have Bode visit us at home one Saturday.

I really can’t explain the explosion of feelings prior to this meeting. It was a mixture of many thoughts rolled into one. But I put up a bold face and a smiling one too. When he arrived, I must admit that I was caught off-guard by the contrast in size between my daughter and Bode. He is very tall and athletic while my daughter is petite and slim.

But I was the one who encouraged her to bring him home. I told my daughter that I love and trust her. This gave her the comfort and confidence she needed as she was initially reluctant to have us meet. I would rather be a father that has his children doing things in front of him, than the one who has things going on behind his back.

We had lunch together even though we were all nervous to enjoy the meal. However, both of them acted maturely, respectfully and also knew what they both wanted in life. This made me very happy. We talked about our families, life after school and how tough it can be out there in the real world.

I must confess I saw why my daughter settled for him. Even though I want the best for her, she made the best choice for herself with her choice of boyfriend. They have many things in common. It was a good first impression. My daughter grew up fast right before my eyes. I felt that taking this challenge of meeting her first boyfriend turned a scary event into a beautiful one.



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