Office sexcapades are not new

Office sexcapades are not new. Many colleagues date and have sex with one another. Sleeping with your co-workers can be a tricky business, but many people indulge in it for personal reasons.

Many people get romantically involved with their colleagues who they spend many hours of work with. While some people have positive experiences engaging in sexcapdes with their colleagues, others have had to learn life lessons in the process.

But nevertheless, many people still engage in office sexcapades and these men and women shared their stories with us.

Reuben: The thought of doing it right there where people work was intense

We had just started dating and we worked in a computer room at work. Then she was transferred to a different department but still worked in the same computer room. A couple of things happened. We would flirt around constantly, playing little games like giving each other dirty handwritten notes or playing as we passed by each other while no one was looking.

One night when the two of us were alone in the office the games started getting really heavy, and she lay down on the floor then we stripped each other’s clothes off just enough. And then we started having sex. It was a bit tough at times because she complained about the coldness of the floor on her body and it was hurting my knees as well. But it was so hot that the tiled floor didn’t stop us. The thought of doing it right there where people work was intense.


Nkechi: Things change when sex is involved
Dan took me under his wing at my first attempt at working after I left the university. I thought I had struck workplace gold. He was three years younger than me but we shared similar interests and he was approachable enough to ask questions when I couldn’t figure something out.

After a few months, our flirty exchanges had grown into a friendship. One day Dan asked me on a date after work, and I accepted not thinking much of it. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I could use a drink or five. I had never dated a co-worker, never thought I would, and I definitely didn’t want to date him.

Dan was cute enough to flirt with when work got boring and nice enough to talk to on a break, but that was it. We had a few drinks too many, one thing led to the other and next thing you know we had sex in his office while working late one night.

The next morning I made it clear to him that that day was a one-time deal and that I wasn’t interested in dating a co-worker. He became angry. Things at work got weird. He would get mad at me in front of clients for flimsy reasons. I confronted him about how unprofessional it was and he would d say “sorry” but would continue making comments here and there, giving me dirty looks, or confronting things in fits of jealousy.

After this experience, I am wary of creating any sort of relationship other than a professional one with co-workers. Things tend to get tricky when you spend so many hours of your day around a set of people and things somehow change when sex is involved.

Fabian: Sometimes we give each other that look of ‘if only they knew’
We just work in the same building. All the men in the building talk about her and about how pretty and intelligent she looks. I obviously agreed, though I never thought that flashing a smile here and there and having quick flirty conversations every once in awhile would lead to anything. Eventually, we got talking and went out a couple of times before we hooked up. We both agreed that we would never mention our situation to anyone at work because people would most definitely gossip about us. When we are around each other at work, we just act normal and sometimes we give each other that look of “if only they knew.”

Godwin: Maybe sex is one of the perks that come with our jobs
When I got my first job after spending six years for a four year course, I had a few female co-workers. There was one I fancied like mad but she wasn’t interested. Another was young and impressionable, and I’ll happily admit was infatuated with me. We often shared drinks after work and spent time talking on the phone at during weekends. One day, we did it in her car on our way home from work. It was just a fling but I enjoyed it. Maybe sex is one of the perks that come with working with many women or not.

Helen: Our relationship was against company policy, so we had to hide it
I have slept with a co-worker. One night after working on a project together for two months, the inevitable happened. In fact, it happened about four times that night. We broke up a few weeks later. Working together was so awkward. He brought another girl to work one evening and I freaked out a little. We got back together. He got promoted. Our relationship was against company policy, so we had to keep it hidden, even from our friends that know about us. After four years of getting to know each other, we got married.

Bukola: The entire time, I kept repeating, ‘this is bad, you shouldn’t be doing this’
I am very conscious about keeping my personal and professional lives separate. However, one night, a co-worker and I ended up working late and leaving became impossible. The atmosphere was oozing with sexual chemistry and we did it. The entire time, I kept repeating “this is bad, you shouldn’t be doing this, this is just stupid” but my body was loving every second of it. I haven’t indulged since, but it’s definitely one of the most intense experiences I’ve had.


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