He married his neighbour after I set him up in business

Love has different meanings to different people.

To some, love is vulnerability, for others, love hurts, while yet to some, love is bliss.

When people love, they go the extra mile to make their lovers comfortable.




Different people do many different things for love. To a bystander, these things might seem foolish, stupid or even senseless, but to the person involved, the heart wants what the heart wants.

In some cases, love can overshadow rationality, which is why there’s no talking a lovesick person out of doing something.

This story will make you shed a tear. This is what a lady did for love and it backfired.

Isabella: He married his neighbour after I set him up in business
I spent six years changing my appearance, mannerism, and personality just to appease my ex-boyfriend.

I was never skinny enough. I was never feminine enough. I wasn’t allowed to make male friends.

He coerced me into having sex when I didn’t want to, on countless occasions. He was emotionally manipulative and controlling.

But I allowed it all to happen. I let it continued to happen. In the end, I still wasn’t exactly what he wanted and I had lost my sense of identity along the way.

I had abortions, spent money on him, set him up in a business because he was always complaining of how his background destroyed all his chances of building a better life.

I felt pity for him, supported him and even paid his house rent, only for him to break up with me over a flimsy excuse and got married four months after to his neighbour.

I was so devastated, I almost committed suicide but for my family who supported me at that period. It was like a truck crushed me.

Today, I have learnt never to displease myself for a man. I have learnt from my experience. Love is different after you have been hurt badly. You are more rational and wise.



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  1. queen says:

    I don’t know why some girls don’t use their brains whenever marriage is mentioned. Quit whining stupid girl.

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