Steps that helped my daughter succeed in her exams

Taking steps to help your child succeed during exams is important.  Exam time can be a stressful time for parents and children alike as these tests are often considered the ultimate indicator of success in schools.

When children fail exams, their parents feel like their child isn’t doing their best or are not taking their studies seriously.

Some parents even resort to beating these children. Others deny them their favourite things until they do better, but some parents sit back, re-strategise and help their children do better.


One of such parents is Mrs. Nkechi Obinwanne. She has had a tough time helping her second child of nine years overcome the hurdles of passing her exams. And this feeling is bliss as her daughter received the best prize in English at her school recently.

Last year, when her daughter came home with a failed end of year exam, she was angry. But later on, the anger gave way to determination to help her do better the following school term. She gave her daughter helpful tips on how to avoid errors in her exams.

Mrs. Obinwanne said that one of the things that helped her daughter strive to do more was her support. As a mother, she understood that her daughter failing exams indicated that something was amiss. But with her support and help with areas of difficulty such as English and mathematics, her daughter became the talk of the school with teachers using her as a model for other slow learners.

“I know that no two people learn in exactly the same way and it occurred to me that my child’s teacher may be using a method that works for most students but not for everyone. Sometimes a different approach is all that is necessary for understanding. That is what I did. I made my daughter feel at ease and it reflected in her school work and exams.”

In addition to the above, she had a heartfelt conversation with her daughter promising to buy her a beautiful dress if she did well in her exams. She also listened to her challenges as well as give her reasons why education is very important.

Mrs. Obinwanne also helped her daughter develop good study habits while still maintaining a balance. Her daughter had time each day to play, spend time with family members, and help out around the house with whatever chores need to be done on a daily basis. This way, she learnt how to balance her life as well as stay relaxed while studying.

Mrs. Obinwanne took a step further to determine which areas her daughter had difficulty in and which subjects she excels at without any effort. She then adjusted study time and focus so that the most time spent studying is used on areas where her daughter was having difficulty and not on the areas that they just naturally do well in.

In making all these efforts, she never forgot that failure itself is important. She constantly told her daughter that people don’t succeed at everything they do all of the time. They fail occasionally. She noted that by teaching her child that failing from time to time is a normal part of life has helped her to develop important skills that will last a lifetime.

The most important aspect of this turnaround was her ability to use this opportunity to provide life skill lessons for her daughter. She didn’t take her failure personally. She just tightened her belt to help her child be the best and she did it.


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