This is why Sarah Boulos loves Nigerian women

Sarah Boulos is a dance instructor and Choreographer who has a large heart. It is only a large heart that could absorb the tragic loss of seven members of her family in a plane crash and not remain bitter ever since.

Sarah is also the founder and Chairperson of the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN) had since put herself together, seeing the tragedy as a test from God and has answered the call to dance for God.

The half- Lebanese, half-French who has lived in Nigeria for a very long time has won many souls with dance and changed lives with her NGO. The many paintings that decorate her wall are a testimony of her deep-seated love for arts.

Sarah Boulos is always smiling, full of energy and hope. She relates with everyone equally without considering their social status. Bursting with an infectious zest for life, her love for dance was fueled during a church group prayer meeting where she was taught to hear from God.

Sarah Boulos attended ballet classes as a child because her mother thought she was overweight, but God instructed her to dance for him and that set her in motion for a fulfilling journey after abandoning dance for many years as she used to dance as a child.

With complete obedience to God’s command, she set up SPAN in 2005. The purpose of SPAN is to build the performing arts center, where artistes of all areas of the performing Arts come together and create a dialogue with the Arts and present them well for families and audience to see.

Sarah Boulos

SPAN, a non-governmental and not for profit foundation was incorporated in 2005. It is primarily set up for children and the organisation focuses on them.

According to Sarah, “We believe that the child is the future when it comes to the Arts because he would make a meaningful contribution in the society when his comes of age.We work with children in different public schools and local Government chairpersons to nurture these kids in Arts.”

Even though she serves God, Sarah Boulos encountered a test of her faith when she suffered loss of her family members. Losing seven members of her family at once left her numb for 24 hours when she first heard the news.

Her husband’s aunt (through whom they met) and her husband died first in a fire that started by the christmas tree in 2003. So, her mother, brother, sister-in-law and her father, aunt, cousin all travelled on christmas day for the funeral and the plane carrying them from Cotonou ( Benin Republic) to Lebanon where the deceased couple lived crashed.

The pain was so much that she cried to God for help and strength to cope with such a loss. She said the tragedy taught her that God is always good and whatever circumstance confronts us, He makes us victorious. It also opened her eyes to the importance of family.

The graduate of Biology and Chemistry revealed that the challenges confronting her as the Chairperson of SPAN are getting people to accept that there is a future for the artiste.

Describing herself, Sarah Boulos said she is a simple person on a journey to please God. Growing up in Burkina Faso was very exciting for her because it was filled with adventures. “I belonged to the Red Cross because my mother made sure I blended with the culture of the people. There were moments in my life that were very daring and I love to go the extra mile.”

Smiling Sarah Boulos

Her experience in Nigeria has been very exciting. “Actually, I am humbled by the Nigerian community because I have been welcomed, embraced and appreciated. Nigerians are a great people, I believe in the nation and do not look at the dark side but look for the good things of this country, she said.”

The mother of three is thrilled by Nigerian clothes. She loves the textiles,they are beautiful, it is a mixture of richness and colors. She also loves Nigerian women because they are vibrant, have dynamics and are very creative.

Sarah Boulos loves pounded yam, rice, meat and plantain if the sauce doesn’t have pepper because it is too hot for her. She also savours akara and puff- puff without bating an eyelid.

The aspect of Nigerian culture she loves are the dances. “I am just discovering new dances, I love them because most of them tell stories, she stated.”




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