Go and marry, you don dey old for house

Dear Nigerian females, contrary to what you have unconsciously conditioned and almost brainwashed to believe since you were a little girl, you are complete in yourself. You don’t need a man to complete you.

You are a complete human being full of potentials, talents and gifts waiting to be expressed.Fly with your dreams and conquer the world.

Rid your mind of the societal beliefs that you must be completed by a man no matter what you have achieved in your life as a woman.

Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into terrible relationships because the society keeps shoving it down your throat that you need a man to be complete.

Don’t settle for a man who doesn’t deserve you out of pressure. You are a complete woman.

When shit hits the roof, the society won’t be there with you in the fire. You will be alone.

It’s your life, woman. You have every right to choose the right man for you.

You deserve to be happy, fulfilled and complemented by the man who supports you to be everything you were created to be.

You deserve a man who will bring out the best in you and not the worst you can be.

Ladies, this is the time to be careful and deliberate about who you let into your life.

Don’t allow your beautiful self hook up with a soul that will drain you.

Forget all the snide remarks of people who won’t live with the consequences of your actions.

Don’t let the many ‘Go and marry’ remarks from people you meet affect your self esteem. You are more than your marital status.

Be careful about who go into a relationship with. Do your best to be equally yoked with your man.

Don’t ever jump into an unrealistic relationship because of pressure.

Don’t say you will manage him because time is going and all your mates are getting married every Saturday.

If you cannot take something he does before marriage, it will get worse when you are both married.

Don’t even go down the ‘I will change him route’. You cannot change an adult who has his own beliefs and convictions.

If you both don’t have many things in common, if you both can’t agree on important aspects of your lives, let him go.

You are better off without all the drama that will unfold afterwards.

Don’t get ruined in the name of love.

Love doesn’t hurt. It’s the person who doesn’t know how to love that hurt you.

Don’t lie on love.

Love is not constant pain.

Love isn’t constant heartache.

Love isn’t constant drama.

Love is not fighting other women over a man who can’t stay faithful to you.

Love is not putting up with lies, deceit and cheating. Forget that talk that you need a man to complete you. You don’t need a grown baby to pamper.

Love is knowing who you are, setting standards about the kind of relationship you want and sticking to your standards.

Love is putting yourself first, loving yourself so much that your partner has no choice but to love you the way you want to be loved.

Love is bliss if you are with the right person, but don’t settle for less than you deserve because you want to feel complete as a woman.

Love yourself first and your man will follow suit. Don’t forget that you are complete in yourself.


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2 Responses

  1. queen says:

    Lol, babe you just hit the nail on the head with this one. Na today? All these go and marry talk dey cause wahala. Which men will these women marry?

  2. juliet says:

    Take ur time,there is nothing to manage in marriage.

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