Sexual abuse didn’t stop me from being successful

Anthonia Alasa-Ojenagbon is a sexual abuse survivor. Underneath her positive, never-say-die outlook on life lies a little girl whose innocence was taken away by someone she trusted.

After going through a traumatic childhood because she was sexually abused by her uncle, the CEO of Silton Foods did not allow that dark aspect of her life disrupt her success as she is making giant strides in her business.

Tonia shared her story with Feminine World  recently.

I went through a traumatic childhood. So, most of the time I slip into depression; especially when it gets towards the time of the year that I was abused.

In 2015, I slipped into the worst type of depression to the extent that I became suicidal. As it gets to that point in the year when my uncle abused me, the suicidal tendency gets to the peak.

I will be hearing a voice telling me to end it all; but then, I also started to think that I needed to get over this once and for all. Last year, it was so bad that I ran out of the house and went to a depression facility in Lekki and I was there for days. I needed to do something to get over this battle and trauma once and for all. I can’t continue to live in my past.

So one day, I wrote my story on Facebook that it’s been 23 years now since I suffered sexual abuse. My innocence was stolen by my uncle, a man who I trusted so much. After I did that, I felt a big relief because, finally, I have spoken out.

One day, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya gave me a microphone to speak in church. I was able to talk about my sexual abuse, how to avoid it, and what causes it. After that, I felt totally liberated. I’ve been able to help others who have also been abused. What drives me is the fact that I don’t want my children to go through what I went through.

I don’t wish sexual abuse on any young girl. I was sexually abused but I never allowed it to stop me from achieving my goal to become somebody in life. The youth should know that there are lots of opportunities.




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