How married men deceive single ladies

Today, some single ladies are being lied to, swept off their feet and deceived by some married men.

These men who prowl different social media platforms act single, claim single and even propose marriage to these unsuspecting ladies.


Given all the numerous researches done on infidelity to give explanation for the reasons why people cheat and lie to the other woman or other man about the state of their marriage, no one can truly explain why this is so.

However, women are notorious for believing lies that married men tell them. They take every word like it’s the gospel only to be disappointed in the end. The famous lines sound like this:

I wish I would have met you first because I never would have married her.
I haven’t divorced her because of the children.
She’s a mean evil witch, and she mistreats me.
I’m in the process of a divorce, but it’s stalled because small technicalities or she’s holding out because she wants to stay together.
I don’t love her anymore and I don’t think I ever did.
We don’t sleep together and haven’t for a very long time.

Some of the ladies who have fallen for the many tricks of these married men shared their stories with us.

Onyeka: I found out after two years that I was dating a married man

I found out after two years that I was with a married man. He lied to me that he was still single.

It was all thrown at me like a bombshell. His wife gave me a call. She told me they have two children. No one can imagine the heartache and heartbreak the anxiety I felt that day.

Because I was emotionally attached to him, leaving him was not easy. We even discussed being his wife before all this and having babies together. I basically thought he was mine.

I never knew I was in love with another woman’s husband. He was not my man. He had responsibilities and other commitments other than me. I was shattered.  How can anyone string someone along like this?

He lied that he was stuck with her for seven years because of their children. I didn’t believe that. He just wanted to have sex with me and move on to another person.

Daniella: I was a married man’s victim for months

I am convinced married men cheating use the same lines. I was a victim too for six months. I didn’t wait for his lies, I just got out. It dawned on me that our relationship never happened.

I was a fling. I guess the only logical thing to do was to get out, but it is so hard dealing with the pain of deception.

When I first meet him, he was great. I then very quickly became extremely concerned with the way he was acting. He could never call and always had an excuse. He would always text which made me angry sometimes.

I scrolled through his phone one day and discovered text messages from his wife professing love to him and he was telling her how much he loved her too. I was repulsed at his lies and deception. The man was just a smooth operator.

 Mary: I found his family pictures on facebook

I once dated a married man for over a year. I met his friends and even his brother. The problem is that I found his photos on Facebook, with his wife, and five of his children. He lied to me. Regardless of whether he’s getting a divorce or not, bottom line is he lied to me.

I loved more than anyone I had dated. I didn’t want to keep seeing him because I can’t bear the fact that another family will be torn apart just because of me.

Nnenna: He told me his mother was very controlling to hide his marital status

My boyfriend lied to me for three years.  I met him about three years ago when I was an intern in for a PR firm in Abuja.  I noticed he wasn’t committed as I wanted him to. He kept a lot of things back from me. He would appear aloof at times. I had the feeling of being disconnected from him almost all the time.

I told him after about a year and half later not to call me or see me and we didn’t for about two months.  After that he decided he was ready to get involved in a serious relationship.  So we started dating and did for about eight months.  We saw each other every morning and hung out every night.  He stayed at my apartment once or twice the entire relationship but never the weekend.

I never met his family which was a huge issue especially after he has met mine.  I began to get some suspicions because of the whole weekend thing and family thing.  I confronted him several times and the excuse for the weekend thing was sometimes he was travelling. His other excuse was that his mother was very controlling and there are a lot of family issues that he does not want to bring me into.

Tired of all his stories, I called him one of such weekends he was working and a woman picked his call to say her husband was resting and I should call back later. I asked her again and she said her husband was resting.

I confronted him about this and told him I was done and he might as well tell me the truth.  He told me that he was married for ten years and wasn’t happy with his marriage.

He said his marriage was a convenience and that, they never loved each other, and she cheated on him, and so on. His excuse for not telling me is that he did not want to lose me. I can’t deal with such a man who lied about his family.

Deola: I told his wife about us and our baby

We had been dating for almost a year before I discovered that he was a married man. I didn’t know he had a wife all along but kept deceiving me with sweet marriage talks.

And by the time I found out, it was too late, my feelings were in way too deep and I was pregnant too. I couldn’t leave him even after I found out he lied to me.

Since I found he was married and confronted him he stopped texting or calling me back. When he learnt about my pregnancy, he told me to abort it, that he doesn’t want to complicate his life further and that he can’t leave his wife. I was devastated.

I made my own researches and found his family on Facebook. He lied to me about his marital status. I told his wife about us and about our baby, she was practically destroyed.

Some people called me selfish and evil for telling his wife, but I just don’t care. Today, he takes responsibility for his daughter and I have moved on.


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