My family’s summer travel checklist

It’s the long holiday season and many families have put plans in motion to travel for the summer holiday. Given the economic cash crunch, some of these families have settled to travel to other African countries with beautiful tourist sites instead of travelling to the states, UK and Canada.

Many mothers are preparing to have the time of their lives with their children. They know the importance of putting things in order to make them comfortable while travelling with little children. These women are not leaving anything to chance. These mothers know that planning ahead is key to an having an enjoyable summer holiday with minimal hassle.

Mrs. Ifeoma Mava can’t contain her joy. She’s travelling to South Africa with her three children between the ages of 9 and 5. So she has started preparations immediately school vacated last week so as not to be caught off guard by unforeseen circumstances.

One of the steps she has taken is double checking their flight schedule. She said she will check with the airline 24 hours in advance to make sure their departure and return times haven’t changed.

She has also printed their boarding passes at home to avoid the last minute rush to do so at the airport. She won’t have to occupy the kids while everyone moves back and forth in line to check in at the airport.

In addition to the above, Mrs. Mava has explained to her children in advance what to expect during the security screening process. They also know what they can carry and juggle. She doesn’t want to find herself alone with the kids with mountains of bags more than once in the airport. She has come up with a realistic plan about what she can manage on her own while watching and manoeuvring the children.

Because your youngest child still loves to play so much with her toys, she planned to distract her with plenty of small toys, games, stickers, magnets, and colouring books in her bag. Once on board, she won’t whip them all out at once or let her rummage through, but she will take them out one at a time and play with each until she’s really ready to move on to the next distraction. She has decided to leave toys that make noise at home.

Mrs. Mava will also take advantage of early boarding. She will use the time to stash their bags where she wants them before the overhead bins fill up. That way she will get everyone situated and happy. She doesn’t want her children to be uncomfortable at all.

She has also planned to pack as much food, snacks and ingredients to prepare our local dishes as much as she and her children need. Her children will have enough snacks till they reach their destination. Even though many flights offer food and snacks, she doesn’t want to experience constant whining from her children when they feel the need to chew something on board.


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