10 ways to rebuild trust in your relationship

Trust plays a huge role in successful relationships. Without it, you are just playing around with your partner.

But it can be difficult to trust someone who has hurt you over and over again. It is difficult to trust someone who lies to you and cheats on you.

But carrying on in anger and bitterness for past wrongs is one fast way to further damage your relationship.

For the greater good of your relationship, both partners must work as a team to not only repair, but build an environment that promotes trust.

Here are some tips to help you rebuild trust in your relationship.

Communicate effectively

There’s no better way to get your point across to your partner than sitting down and addressing the issues head on. It’s tough, but if you are looking to have a successful relationship, you have to do the hard work it takes to keep the ship afloat.

There are many things that can create mistrust in a relationship, from lies to untrustworthy behaviour, bad habits and infidelity. Whether your partner has a past you weren’t aware of, an affair to confess to or has simply let you down several times, it is possible to salvage your relationship, and it starts with building trust.

Understand the importance of honesty

Trust between couples can be defined as knowing that your partner’s intentions are honourable. A lack of honesty can erode the foundation of a relationship, leaving a couple confused and insecure about their connection and life. You must both appreciate that to move forward honesty is the crucial ingredient. From honesty, grows trust.

Begin with terms of endearment

If you are coming clean to your partner, be sure to start the discussion with terms of endearment. Words such as “baby” or “darling” can go a long way in helping your mate understand you still care deeply about them. It’s also a great way to set the tone for the talk – you are not attacking your partner, you are discussing how to have a closer, stronger relationship.

Tell the whole truth

As hard as it may be, one of the most important rules for building and maintaining honesty is always to tell the whole truth. Couples should be open and honest about their thoughts and feelings. It helps to ensure physical and emotional fidelity in the relationship.

Whether you don’t like the way he looks at other women, or the way you feel insecure after being cheated on in a previous relationship, if you don’t speak out about your feelings and thought processes, there’s no way your partner is going to be able to guess them. Once you start talking truthfully with each other, you are one step closer to each other already.

Become completely transparent

If you feel the need to withhold information from your partner, you are actively engaging in behaviour that could be detrimental to the foundation of your relationship. The more open you are with your partner, the less doubt they will have. It’s a process, but it begins with showing you have nothing to hide.

Be open to answer your partner’s questions

No more holding back! If your partner has a question or concern, it is your duty to respond and alleviate their worries. Not complying only makes you appear guilty, even if you are completely innocent.

Do not belittle

Name calling and belittling is never acceptable, especially when someone is opening up to you. It might be difficult to understand, but they are being vulnerable by confessing. Swallow all the condescending remarks at the tip of your tongue.

Give a sincere apology

After you have told your partner about the wrong you have done, make sure you offer a sincere and thorough apology. Make sure they see you understand the depths of your betrayal, and that you are genuinely sorry.

Ask what you can do to restore trust

Once you have opened up to your other half, you should ask, “What can I do to make up for it?” It’s another way of showing you know you messed up, and want to do better in the future. Look them in the eyes while telling them it won’t happen again, that way they will know you mean it.

Don’t do anything that can break trust

You would be surprised at how many people get this one wrong. Many people take their partner’s love for granted, and neglect small things that lead to big issues of distrust. Always be mindful.



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