Mide Martins reveals how she saved her marriage

Mide Martins never wanted to be an actress. But she had to deal with the death of her mother, Funmi Martins in 2002 and acting provided her with the needed platform to escape her pains.

After her mum died, she started acting so people won’t forget her. After a while, one would say she finally caught the bug of the make belief world as she became fond of it.Today, she loves acting and believes she would have missed out on the great life she has now if she hadn’t followed the calling to act.

According to Mide Martins, acting is like a spirit and if it is in you, that’s it. She says that only a few people have the ability to interpret roles perfectly.

Mide Martins attended Community Grammar School, Ibadan for her elementary education and Providence Heights Secondary School, Fagba, Lagos, for her post-primary education. She has a diploma in International Relations from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye.


Mide Martins stated that her most challenging role till date was when she played a mad person. The title of the movie was Mafikanmi. It was quite challenging but she was able to pull it off.

Mide Martins loves and admires everything about her mom. Her mom remains her role model because she inspires her. Her mother’s death affected her so much that till this day, she misses so many things about her late mom, especially her motherly love. A mother’s love can’t be compared to any other thing in this whole world. Whenever she thinks about her mom, it makes me cry. Mide Martins misses the friendship she had with her mom.

Mide Martins grew up together with her husband. He was actually her mother’s manager and  she used to call him Brother Afeez. They have always been friends. Mide recalls that when she had a problem with her husband some months back, she prayed to God about it and things cahnged. They are fine now. Their relationship is free from any kind of problems. Mide Martins gushes that her husband is the best man in the world and he has always been there for her.


Mide Martins is the opposite of what she projects on screen. She doesn’t talk or go out much. The funny thing is that she doesn’t even know how she manages to shout when she is acting. She is very calm and easygoing. Because of the roles I play in movies, people think she pretends to be gentle.

Mide Martins says: “I don’t fight or look for trouble. Another thing is that I don’t have too many friends, so when I’m not on location, I’m at home with my family.”


What Mide Martins does for leisure is hang out with members of her family. To her, travelling is the best form of relaxation. It takes stress away from you. The last place she travelled to was South Africa and it was really nice.



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