My man is mummy’s boy

You will know a mummy’s boy if you deal with one. They are the ones who believe that their mothers are never wrong even if it’s destroying their relationships with their women.


It’s not hard to understand why women don’t like mummy’s boy. Being a mummy’s boy can make a man act in strange ways that leave his woman angry. Generally, mummy’s boys are heavily attached to their mothers regardless of age.

Below are stories of women who are in relationships with men still tied to their mothers’ apron strings:

Barbara: His mum doesn’t respect our privacy

My fiancée’s mum talks us out of choices we want to make ourselves. She not only pries into his life, she tries to control mine as well. Her behaviour scares me away. I make my own choices, and no one will frighten me out of it. She tells him he can’t have a beard, she tells him how to eat to go to bed early. She doesn’t respect our privacy either we don’t want to tell her things but she has a sixth sense and guesses.

I hate it, and I don’t how long can I cope with this. He’s a man, not a mouse by the way he’s 37. The way she talks to him, I feel like I’m sitting next to a child of three and I hate it. She should allow us live our own lives and make our own mistakes. It’s not fair. It’s stupid that he wants to obey her instead of making his own choices because he’s scared of her and her constant nagging.

Nkechi: She sees me as an obstacle

I am 26 years old. I married a mummy’s boy kind of husband, who tells his mother everything we discuss and do in the house. His mother sees me as an obstacle, even though she pretends about it. Although, she doesn’t shout at me, she has a way of making my life hell on earth in that house.

For instance, if my husband has the urge to eat a particular kind of food for that day and I make the attempt to cook what my husband wants, she would come to the kitchen to tell me that they don’t eat that particular food in their family and the worst thing is that my husband won’t say anything afterwards.

Although he is the breadwinner of the family, he cannot stand up to them to defend me. The resultant effect is that I am all on my own, begging them to even like me a little bit. But it seems the harder I try to please them the more determined they are to make my life unbearable in their brother’s house.

I have been begging my husband to relocate at least a little bit away from the family so that I can enjoy my very young marriage. But he has refused to listen to me. Anytime I raise the issue of his family’s treatment of me, he instantly defends them. His mother is in charge of my less than two-year-old marriage.

And from the looks of things, it appears this is going to be the pattern of my marriage as my husband in his wisdom decided to build his personal home few inches away from the family house.

Kemi: She plays games to get his attention

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years now and we have discussed marriage, but he is having second thoughts because of what his mother will think about me and my tribe. His mother asks about our sex lives and gets herself involved in the most personal aspects of our relationship. She calls with never ending emergencies, none of which are emergencies, but just because she wants him on the phone.

I am 30 years old and have past relationships with men who love their mothers and who I get along with happily. But this woman can’t stand that we are together, I am never good enough and she is always playing games to get his attention.

I am ready to marry him, but as long as his mother has a say in what he does, this is only going to happen in my imagination. I am tired of feeling like I am in competition with a 50 something year old woman. He won’t even pick my calls if I call when he is with her. Hurting is becoming common place for me.

Alice: He accepts her decisions without questions

I have been married to a mama’s boy for seven years. While he is more loving and domesticated than other men because of this, we have big issues too. My husband’s inability to make any decisions and to be financially dependent makes me angry. He lived with his mum until the age of 33, so she is the head of the house and makes all the financial decisions and he just follows.

This has now been transferred to our marriage, with me making all the financial decisions and it’s really tiring and stressful when there is no support on decisions to be made. I am now both husband and wife and make all the decisions. I am reaching the end of the my rope as the discussions have been one-sided with no response from him on any financial or other decisions resulting in me being stressed all the time with migraines daily.

Crystal: She still buys him clothes

My boyfriend is mummy’s boy. He is 35 years old, but just started living alone few months ago because I insisted on him being independent from his parents.

She still buys him clothes and most of his clothes were bought by his mum because she says “I always want what’s best for him!” I am living with him now, but there is hardly any time left for us and he doesn’t care. I don’t really know what to do with him anymore.


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