10 relationship red flags you shouldn’t ignore

There red flags men and women shouldn’t ignore in relationships.

It’s impossible to engage in the world of dating without occasionally spotting some red flags.

While dating, you should bear deal breakers at the back of your mind and set standards too. You shouldn’t allow another person walk all over you because you crave love.

Below are relationship red flags list to guide you as you wade through the dating world.

Your partner is cruel to their parents

Pay attention to how your lover treats their parents. No family is perfect but if someone you are dating disrespects their parents, how do you think they will treat you in the long run?

Your partner doesn’t trust you

If your partner demands your email and social media passwords, they don’t trust you. And if they don’t trust you, they have no business being in your life. You are entitled to your privacy in relationships, don’t forget that.

Your partner refuses to make your relationship public

When you are dating someone who expresses love and attention in private but refuse to go public with your relationship, that’s a deal breaker right there. They may be married and trying to string you along.

Your partner exhibits abusive behaviour

One of the relationship red flags and deal breakers to look out for especially in new relationships is abuse. Any form of abuse, from verbal, emotional, psychological, and certainly physical is a sign for you to run away and never look back.

Your partner guilt trips all the time

If your partner makes you feel responsible and guilty for their troubles and decisions, you shouldn’t be dating such a person. If they mock your decisions and try to get you to back down, you need to have a rethink.

Your partner calls you names during fights

Fighting happens in relationships but you need to be wary of anyone who calls you names when you disagree. This can be a sign of disrespect or a sign of lazy conflict resolution skills.

Your partner tries to isolate you from friends and family 

A partner who attempts to drive a wedge between you and other significant people in your life doesn’t mean well. They may be jealous of your ongoing relationships with these people or simply feel the need to control your other relationships. Sometimes, they may make you choose them over significant others as an expression of love.

Your partner makes you feel insecure

If you don’t know where you stand in a relationship, that is a red flag right there. If your partner makes you feel uncomfortable, uncertain, or anxious about where the it’s heading, you may need to take a break.

Your partner doesn’t communicate with you

One of the red flags of unhealthy relationship is lack of communication. If you and your partner don’t communicate well, your relationship may be heading for the rocks. Couples need to talk and understand each other for their relationship to be successful.

Your partner is moving too fast

One of the red flags of in a new relationship is your partner moving too fast. They tell you that you are their whole world and they can’t wait to marry you. Just watch it, they might be hiding something.



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