I have never felt limited as a woman -Aisha Oyebode

Aisha Oyebode is the first child of late Head of State, Gen.Murtala Mohammed (rtd.).

As a woman who inspires greatness in others, Aisha Oyebode considers herself a feminist because she believes in the power of the African woman to become liberated.

She’s working for the gender gaps to be bridged and for women to be given leadership and authority.

Aisha Oyebode is a woman of many parts. One cannot attempt to keep track of her achievements because it will be a tough call.

She’s also a philanthropist and retail mogul. Aisha Oyebode is responsible for introducing Pandora Jewellery into Nigeria.

The Group Chief Executive Officer of Asset Management Group Limited, Oyebode, currently sits on the boards of some organisations including Lekoil and Murtala Muhammed Memorial Botanical Gardens, where she serves as a trustee and member of the Governing Council.

In addition, Aisha Oyebode has served in global financial institutions in Europe and the United States gaining expertise in new ventures, business re-engineering, management and financial linkages. These include Caisse Privee Banque, Brussels; Banque Rivaud, Paris and Banque Privee, Geneva.

Her accomplishments notwithstanding, Aisha Oyebode, who is the co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls movement, insists that she has yet to achieve one of her greatest desires.

Aisha Oyebode

Aisha Oyebode

“When people ask me why I am that passionate about the return of the girls who were forcefully taken away from Chibok, I understand that they question me because only a few know what it means to have one’s child forcefully taken away. I will remain at the forefront of the campaign for as long as it takes.”


To preserve her father’s legacy and all that he stood for, Aisha Oyebode founded the Murtala Muhammed Foundation.

She says it is her dream to see that  the institution transcends all boundaries and remains dedicated to the socio-economic development of Africa.

Oyebode has an LLM in Public International Law from King’s College, University of London and an MBA  with  a distinction in Finance from Imperial College, University of London.

These days, Aisha Oyebode is all about mentorship. She even sees benefit in occasionally talking about private topics as a way of helping others. As a successful woman in a largely patriarchal society, feminism is one area she never shies away from.

She says: “If a feminist is a woman that believes in women’s rights, then I am a feminist. I believe in the power of the African woman to become liberated, for the gender gaps to be bridged and for women to be given leadership and authority. I have never felt limited as a woman.”



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    You are a star Aisha. God rest your father’s soul

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