My goal is to ensure sickle cell-free generation -Ese Ovabor

Ese Ovabor is the founder and CEO of Fran-es Sickle Cell Children’s Network.

She has been a sickle cell activist since the young age of 10. She holds a first degree in Microbiology and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Ese Ovabor impacts her local community through awareness programs on meeting the needs of sickle cell children, educating parents on measures to care for their sickle cell children.

She also conducts periodic training and articles for youths on the need for genotype checks before marriage.

Ese Ovabor also works as a food scientist at Intercontinental Distillers Ltd. Ese’s long-term goal is to ensure a sickle cell-free generation and total health for those already living with the sickle cell genotype.

With the vast knowledge and best practices acquired from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she intends to expand this project and network beyond Nigeria and other African countries.


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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