I had an affair with my sister-in-law and I’ll take that secret to my grave

Keeping secrets is as old as the earth itself.

Many couples keep secrets from each other no matter how many times they profess undying love for one another.

Some of these secrets may pose greater problems to the couples, and their families in the future.

But against all odds, many spouses and partners are looking into the eyes of their better halves and hiding important details of their lives from them.

They are keeping deadly secrets about their past and present from their loved ones.

Some people share what they will never tell their partners to us. Take a peek.

Gloria: I had an abortion that may have damaged my womb

I hid an abortion from my partner. I was certain he would want that, as he had already been through it once before, and that he was not ready. I did it to protect him from the needless guilt over such a decision. I feel concerned now, because I worry that I have done damage to my fertility, which affects both of us, as we are planning to get married and have children. My cycle never returned to normal. I plan to see a fertility specialist, because it’s been over a year and my body is far from being normal. He proposed last month and I accepted his proposal. Now, we are planning our wedding but I still feel the constant nudge in my heart that I might have destroyed my future with the man I love. I will never tell him what I did. It would destroy him. I pray everything goes well with my union.

Martha: My husband doesn’t know I smoke

My husband doesn’t know that I smoke. We have been married for over six years now and he is yet to find out. I ensure I keep everything as clear as possible at home before he returns from work. Although he sometimes perceives the scent of cigarettes, he doesn’t know that his wife smokes. He dislikes women who smoke and I just don’t know what will happen the day he discovers my secret.

Emma: I had an affair with my sister-in-law

My wife doesn’t know that I had a brief relationship with her younger sister few years into our marriage. It wasn’t something I was proud of but it happened. Then, my wife was so busy with work that she left everything to her younger sister in our home. I had an affair with her for months before she gained admission into the university. After then, I tried my best to sever any contacts with her. It was the worst thing I ever did to my wife. I couldn’t stand her for a long time because my guilt was eating me up. I betrayed my wife in the worst possible way but I will never let her know. It will destroy our families.

Beatrice: My niece is actually my daughter

I have been married to my husband for years now but he doesn’t know that the little girl I refer to as my niece from my dead cousin is actually my daughter. I had her when I was in secondary school for my first boyfriend who absconded after I told him about my pregnancy. My mother advised me never to tell him that it might scare him away. I have lived with this secret for almost two decades but I fear he might find out soon because people always talk about how she looks more like me all the time. I also try not to be too close to her or give her the impression that I am her mother. She doesn’t even have a clue as to who her mother is and we have kept it like that in the family for long. I don’t plan to reveal this secret because there is no point in doing that. What my husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him. He doesn’t need to know. My daughter is better being my niece for life. That hurts no one. Sometimes, the truth can hurt the people you love, so why tell them in the first place?

Simon: I am bisexual, my wife doesn’t know

I have been married to my wife for four years now. She’s the most beautiful and caring soul that ever lived on this earth, but I can’t tell her that I love and sleep with men too. I have been a bisexual for as long as I can remember. I just got married to see if I could stop having erections for my fellow men, but I have not been able to stop. My best friend is actually my lover. My wife thinks we are just close buddies. We travel together, have sex and even live like a couple anytime we have the time. We keep it discreet though. We are both married, so we don’t want people to put two and two together ever. I love my wife, but she must never know about this. We have been happy all this while. It will remain so. My being bisexual doesn’t diminish my love and respect for her. She’s an amazing woman.

Emem: He doesn’t know I own a house

I met and married my husband after a series of heartbreaks. The last man I dated before I met my husband duped me of N 3 million. He told me to lend him money to set up a business and he took off with my money. I vowed not to allow any man know how much I am worth.

Although my husband has proved to be a good man and a great father to our children, I won’t tell him about how much I am worth or that I own a house. I have tenants who pay directly into a separate account he doesn’t even know of. A woman needs to be smart. No man is an angel and you don’t know when they would start misbehaving or get a new wife to replace you and then toss you aside. My investments are for me and my children. I am saving up for their future and wellbeing. My husband doesn’t have to know. He’s a man after all and you can’t trust men.



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