5 types of friends every woman should hold on to

A friend is someone who loves you and supports you in your journey through life.

Friendships between women provide them with attention, affection and an outlet for intellectual or social exchange in various times of their lives.

Every woman knows that great friendships are priceless. But more often than not, the good friends in your life are often overshadowed by the drama the bad ones bring.

The good ones are those who stand by you through thick and thin. They celebrate your little successes as if it were theirs and stand by you till you win? You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you how much you need such friends and how you must keep them close for life.

If you are lucky enough to have one or more of these 5 friend types in your life, hold them tight. Never let them go.

The ride or die friend

This friend is loyal to the core and the epitome of the friend that sticks closer than a sister. She can be depended on to be there with you to celebrate your victories and successes or offer a shoulder to cry or lean on.

She’s often the first one to extend an olive branch after the two of you fight because she values your friendship more than she does being right. She laughs with you, cries with you and stands up for you because that is what a great and true friend does. She is definitely a keeper and the kind of friend everyone should have!

The sensible and mature friend

We all need that one level-headed friend who offers us great advice when we need it, helps keep us grounded and prevents us from acting like fools. She has an amazing way of making you think twice before you act and putting things into perspective.

This is the type of friend who won’t allow you to go against your better judgement or get involved in anything she doesn’t believe is right for you.

She can be counted on to always encourage you to take the high road and will never allow you to get caught up in any unnecessary drama.

The tell-it-as-it-is friend

She’s that one friend we all sometimes love to hate. If you enjoy living in denial or lying to yourself, this is the last type of friend you want in your life because she’s sometimes a little too honest for her own good. She will keep things real with you and will never sugar-coat the truth.

You can definitely count on her to always tell you what you need to hear as opposed to just what you want to hear. She isn’t afraid to make it known to you when you are out of line, put you in check when you aren’t acting right and won’t automatically take your side just because she’s your friend when you are wrong.

She is the type of friend who has the ability to get on your last nerve because she often won’t back down until she drums some sense into your head; but love her, you do.

The kindred soul

She’s the friend you turn to when you need advice or help regarding the serious matters in life because you trust her judgment and know that she would never mislead you.

You can confidently talk to her about your goals and aspirations regardless of their size without worrying that she will think you are way out of your league or dreaming too big for your own good.

She’s one of your biggest cheerleaders and often plays the role of accountability partner in your life.

The crazy friend

This friend isn’t crazy in the sense that she needs to be admitted in an asylum; she just has the ability to make you throw caution to the wind and do things you normally wouldn’t do.

She doesn’t seem to take herself or life too seriously or seem to have any cares in the world. Her solutions to some of life problems don’t seem to make much sense at all until you try some of them out and discover that they actually do.

She has a way of making you realize that misfortunes aren’t the end of the world and that there’s nothing in life you can’t get through with the right attitude.

She encourages you to be spontaneous, live a little and let you hair down once in a while.



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