Firm ways I handle my aggressive child

Many parents are currently dealing with aggressive children. They are also at a loss on how to handle this negative behaviour sometimes.

Aggressive behaviour in children can come in different forms. It can be a toddler playfully hitting daddy in the face, or a child pushing her sibling down.

Children with aggressive behaviour tend to be self-generated, restless and irritable.

Occasional outburst of aggression in children is normal but it is risky if it occurs frequently and in patterns. This is due to the inability of these children to deal with the frustration, biological factors, poor parenting or lack of relationship skills.

But as a father, you just know that if your child’s aggressive behaviour is left unchecked, they will increase in intensity which is not good.

It also doesn’t mean you don’t play with your child, but you have to carefully know where to draw the line between being playful with your child and your child exhibiting aggression.

Mr. David Ifechukwu says although he loves to play with his 4-year old son, but he doesn’t give him the chance to turn against him.

Initially, he was hitting, pinching or biting him in what appears to be a playful manner, and he always played along.

But overtime, he noticed that his little boy increased his bites and kicks seeing that amused him too.

Mr. Ifechukwu tried his best to stop him by tapping him gently on his buttocks as a means of punishment and shaking his head with a stern look on his face just to deter him from seeing hitting and biting as a way of having fun.

Even though my wife says he’s still a baby and am being hard on him, I think since he’s a boy, he should not be encouraged to communicate with his fists and teeth.

He will later turn against his mates at school and we will be in a tough spot then. It is better to nip it in the bud now than later.

I have also set firm and consistent limits with my son. He needs to know what aggression means and that aggressive behaviour is not permitted.

I also made sure that everyone at home is aware of the rules I have set, as well as the response to use if he does exhibit negative behaviour. A child who kicks, hits, or bites should be reprimanded immediately so he understands exactly what he’s done wrong.

When my son hits me, I sometimes place him a short distance away from me and say, “No hitting.” He doesn’t like that I’m not playing with him anymore, I just give him space for a while before I play with him again.

It took some time for him to stop biting and kicking but I made sure he understood it was not okay to do so. I allowed him to figure out that in order to be near daddy, he would have to stop biting him.

When it comes to discipline, I avoid the habit of yelling to get my son’s attention or force him into good behaviour. I model non-aggressive behaviour to him instead. It’s not easy to resist shouting or beating up a child, but you have to lead by example.

By using non-aggressive forms of discipline, I am teaching my child that there are positive ways of dealing with his aggressive behaviour.


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