Ifeoluwa Oluwole: Digital marketing specialist with a heart of gold

Ifeoluwa Oluwole is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for helping the less privileged.

Oluwole was interested in marketing from an early age and she is currently pursuing her dream of becoming renowned in Nigeria’s fast-growing marketing industry.

She is currently a senior digital planner/strategist at Nigeria’s foremost digital marketing agency, Bytesize, where she has worked for almost four years.

Ifeoluwa Oluwole also has a master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and is currently pursuing a diploma in Strategic Marketing with the leading international body for marketing and business development, the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Ifeoluwa’s dream is to help small and medium-scale enterprises which cannot afford the services of a marketing agency. Her innermost desire is to help such companies achieve their organizational goals through affordable digital marketing strategies tailored to addressing their unique needs. Her plans include running digital marketing campaigns to take these businesses to the next level.

Ifeoluwa plans to pursue this dream wholeheartedly and bring it to life. She also aspires to help the less privileged enjoy a better life through the provision of simple everyday necessities.


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