So close, yet so far away

Is your partner close but so far away? Do you wonder what you have done to deserve their coldness and change of emotions?

This scenario is common. You meet someone, and you both click, your relationship is going smoothly, and then, suddenly, it isn’t? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but things just seem off.

You are left hanging suddenly, your partner isn’t as affectionate, as responsive, or as present as they were when you first fell in love with them.

You keep wondering why you feel alone even though you are together. This just means your partner is emotionally unavailable.

Emotional unavailability is the inability or lack of readiness to build an emotional bond with another. As you can imagine, this is a big red flag when it comes to relationships.

The journey of trying to reach an emotionally unavailable partner can feel vulnerable, intimidating, and hurtful, but you can catch it on time and change course.

Here are six ways to spot if your partner is officially emotionally missing in action.

They are always doing their own thing

If your partner prefers to spend time away from you, then you might be dating a cold partner. They are constantly distancing themselves from the relationship, avoiding conflict, and brushing off affection.

They avoid showing emotions

Emotionally unavailable partners aren’t so good with any kind of display of affection. The partner doesn’t just back away from their own emotions but yours as well, no matter what kind.

It is hard to connect with such a person and even harder to talk to them about not connecting.

They are always looking for faults

A negative attitude solves nothing, but it’s especially toxic in a relationship. If your partner is a critic, they see everything you do in a bad light.

If it seems like no matter how hard you try, you are constantly messing up, then it sounds like your partner is emotionally distant.

They are always shielding themselves from facing issues

If your partner is on the defensive category, they are constantly trying to hide from any issues. ¬†When you express your worries, they are deflected by blame and criticism. If you push, it turns into yelling. Before you know it, it’s a full-on argument about something that should have been a normal discussion.

Communication is a huge part of a relationship, so if you are with a partner who just won’t talk or engage you when it is important, things will get bad.

They are scared to show you who they really are

Such people feel so insecure with themselves that they can’t imagine anything they have to contribute to a relationship is worthwhile.

That’s why you are having so much trouble breaking through the surface and seeing what’s underneath. It’s not because they don’t like you but because they are worried about being vulnerable if you don’t like them.

They are rarely satisfied

If you feel yourself giving and giving but getting nothing in return, then you might be dating an emotionally unavailable person.

It can be exhausting to be in a relationship with someone who makes you constantly feel like you are not doing enough.



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