Top 7 mistakes men make when seducing women

Seducing a love interest is not easy for men. Some men don’t know the right strategy to adopt while seducing women that catch their fancy. Some of their seduction strategies never work. They don’t know they are doing things wrong when it comes to seducing the woman of their dreams.

Below are some of the mistakes men make while going after the women of their dreams.

Pursuing an uninterested woman

When a lady candidly tells you she doesn’t want anything to do with you, she means it. Don’t waste your time trying to create some chemistry where it’s non-existent. Before you declare your interest in a lady, it’s prudent to first find out whether the attraction is mutual so you don’t end up heartbroken.

Being too nice

Don’t be too nice just because you are bent on seducing her. If she asks you to do something you are uncomfortable with, don’t do it. Always speak out your mind. Sometimes, you have to put your interests before everyone else in order to successfully seduce her.

Being to available

It’s rather normal to drift away from your boys and spend more time with a girl who fascinates you. However, being too available can have a negative effect on your fling. If you avail yourself whenever she wants, you will in no time cease being a challenge and she will begin overlooking your worth. Seducing her doesn’t mean you should no longer have a life outside your quest for her love.

Being indecisive

Men are inherently supposed to take charge of things and show direction. This should not be misconstrued to mean you should dictate where, what, when and how things should be done. Rather, it’s about having you put on the pants in the relationship. Women are attracted to men who know exactly what they want and go for it.

Trying too hard to impress her

Women are quick to notice when a guys is trying hard too hard impress to them. Don’t try too hard to impress her by boasting about your achievements, showering her with undeserved compliments and gifts you can hardly afford. The golden rule of seducing a woman is to speak less and listen more. Share little details about you while encouraging her to share same with you.

Jealousy can cost you her love

While seducing a woman, don’t talk or ask about the other guys in her life.  Jealousy has a way of pushing one to the extremes. When you are so engrossed with the competition, chances are you will be tempted to talk ill about them in effort to endear yourself to her. Most men make the mistake of dictating what a lady they are seducing should or shouldn’t do.

Insulting yourself to win her love

A man should be modest with his achievements and treat everyone with respect however some guys overdo it. In a bid to look humble, they insult themselves and belittle their abilities. This exposes underlying psychological problems, a very undesirable trait in a man. Stop creating an unappealing image about yourself just to land a woman.

A man should be in control of his life. Don’t go telling women you are seducing about how unlucky you have been with other ladies, why would she want to date someone no other girl wants? Exude positive energy.


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