10 reasons good girls fall for bad boys

Many people wonder why good girls fall for bad boys. Good girls know these kind of guys from afar off because their fame precedes them. They are famed for their womanizing behaviour and for breaking the hearts of many unsuspecting girls but they fall in love with them notwithstanding.

Even though many ladies swear to keep off such men because they leave nothing but heartbreaks, tears and regrets on their trail, yet, something keeps drawing them to these bad boys.

There’s something alluring and gripping about ‘bad boys’ that make them insanely likeable to the opposite sex. These known bad boys continue to enjoy unrivaled female attention and love more than the so called good guys at the surprise of many.

Many women enjoy romantic rides with these bad guys on dangerous terrains because it’s exhilarating fun-filled and unpredictable.

Bad boys give women an adrenaline rush, they are famous and girls love to be in their company and enjoy their status with them even though it would end up hurting them.

The interesting thing about bad boys is that they are a potent mix of confidence, indifference, mystery, intrigue and most importantly, excitement. Nothing they do is conventional or as per the rule book. And they know how to tell good girls just what they want to hear.

Below are some of the reasons good girls get their adrenaline pumping abnormally for known bad guys:

They are confident
Yes, bad boys wouldn’t be able to pull off half their antics if they weren’t brimming with confidence. The interesting thing is that this attitude of confidence overflows into everything that they do, be it the friends they make, the food they eat, the car they drive, the way they drive, the way they order their drinks and even the way they talk to other women, even though their girlfriend may be just a step behind. And no matter what, such overt confidence is a major turn on for some girls.

Bad boys are indifferent
They just don’t give a damn. Rule books are not applicable to them and when it comes to getting things done, it’s either their way of the highway. They make their own rules and believe that life is to be lived on the edge. Take it or leave it, that’s the attitude they flaunt and that’s one reason why they fare so well with girls.

Bad boys are exciting and adventurous
Bad boys love excitement and adventure. They are always testing the boundaries when it comes to living life and girls just can’t get enough of this attitude. They find it intriguing and extremely exciting.

Bad boys are mysterious 

Many men say if your behaviour becomes routine, women are bound to find you boring. When it comes to bad boys, they exude an air of power like no other, sending good girls into a frenzy of wanting to be by their sides.

Bad boys are very masculine
Bad boys are often rugged and in-control. That doesn’t mean that they are controlling, they just know how to get what they want without breaking into a sweat. They speak clearly and confidently, they are passionate about what they believe in, but most importantly, they still know how to treat a lady and make her feel good.

They know how to talk to women
One of the main reasons why these macho men are such chick magnets is because they are so confident, especially when it comes to chatting up females. They are not afraid of putting across their opinion or making their point.

Most importantly, they know how to woo a woman and her feel good with words. Bad boys are smooth-talkers, they can waltz their way in and out of any situation is style and panache and consequently set hearts racing.

Bad boys are more passionate

Bad boys are consciously associated with passionate activities, and of course love-making is one of them. But they are also thought to be more passionate when it comes to fighting for the women they love. So it is easy to see why good girls stick to them.

Bad boys are more secure

Ladies tend to prefer a man who has self-confidence and security. If the man they are with is secure at all times, women tend to feel better protected. Bad boys always manage to at least create the illusion of being extremely protective and secure, having their head on their shoulders at all times and taking the bull by its horns no matter what. Who wouldn’t like to fall into the arms of someone like that?

Bad boys offer continuous challenges

Good girls even with their stable lives need to be challenged from time to time. They crave to be with a guy who can challenge them both psychologically and physically, one who likes to reinvent himself at times and one who challenges them to do the same.

Bad boys want to become good

At least, some of them want to be good. And who else could better accomplish this than a good girl? Nice girls just adore seeing them change. They are also highly interested in helping them change and being able to brag about this accomplishment.




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