It was fun preparing my toddler for arrival of my new baby

Telling your toddler you are having another child may be hard for them to understand. As a mother, if you announce to your family and friends that you are expecting again, you are bound to be greeted with enthusiastic rounds of congrats, but your toddler won’t understand.

For starters, your toddler doesn’t want to be replaced immediately. Your announcement could be met with mixed emotions such as confusion, excitement, anger, anxiety,  disinterest or all of the above.


Mrs. Beatrice Ikedi shared some of the tips that helped her ensure fewer bumps as she prepared her toddler for her new baby just as baby bump grew.

One of the first tips she practiced while preparing her toddler for her new baby was right timing while breaking the news. She had to wait while she was in her second trimester to have a talk with her toddler. Not only did she know by then that all is well with her pregnancy, but she had started showing which made telling her first child about her second pregnancy very easy.

Mrs. Ikedi also kept it simple even though she was tempted to go into full details about what pregnancy means. When she asked where babies come from, she kept her answer short and sweet. While she pestered her further, she just allowed her rub her big belly and feel her sibling move which made her toddler desist from asking too many questions.

It was fun showing her two-year-old photos from when she was pregnant with her to drive home the point. One day, she took out the album with pictures of herself when she was pregnant with her so she could see what mummy would look like as her pregnancy progresses. If you have ultrasound photos to share (of either her or her soon-to-be sibling), those can be fascinating to a young child as well.

They also went on baby-related shopping trips together. By engaging in fun activities together, her firstborn felt special and included. They hit the stores and picked out many clothes for the baby. She also bought matching outfits just to make her toddler relax some more as they await baby’s arrival.



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