Nigerian designer, Deola Sagoe rocks @ 50

Deola Sagoe may have come from the loins of a man who is well to do but what cannot be disputed is the fact that she has discovered herself and consolidated on whatever she met on ground through her passion.

Of course, she may have had fair share of her low points in life but in all, she has been able to write her name on the sands of time as far as the fashion world is concerned.

She has been able to make lasting impressions as a front line designer coupled with other achievements she has made as well as her children which are certainly source of her joy.

Deola celebrated her big five O in grand style in Lagos recently, with an “Icy Bling” themed birthday party.

The exquisite birthday party was attended by her family and friends like Denola Grey, Bidemi Zakariyau and many more.


Deola Sagoe began designing in 1989 and has gained international notoriety for her lively, and colorful designs. She was recently appointed to represent Nigeria in a new international campaign organized by the United Nations World Food Program.

The campaign, titled “Catwalk the World: Fashion for Food.”, began in Nigeria in April 2006 and recently staged an event in Ghana  which brought celebrities like Damon Dash, his wife, designer Rachel Roy and Ghanaian-born, London-based designer Ozwald Boateng.

The campaign’s goal is to raise money towards halving the number of hungry people in the world, particularly children, by 2015. Sagoe frequently exhibits her couture collection at Cape Town Fashion Week and has been an invited guest of  New York Fashion Week in the past.

She has won the “Africa Designs” and the MNET/ Anglo Gold African designs 2000 awards for which she was nominated by Andre Leon Tally, US Vogue editor.

For more than two decades Deola Sagoe has had a singular aim and achievement which is to enable her customers reveal through her design, their unique, albeit inexplicable, `Je ne sais quoi ‘ …Which is always a joy to behold.

Deola Sagoe is a fashion visionary with a unique approach to her craft that has endeared her to fans and followers all over the world. Using African fabrics, hand-woven materials, and contemporizing almost-lost traditional African techniques, her designs present a unique vision and attitude for the modern woman.

Deola describes the woman she designs for as the woman who has the mysterious and engaging complexity that is a gift to all women. One day she is dead serious the next she has the naughtiest sense of humor. One day she is all woman, the next she is ingénue. She definitely enjoys standing out, she is not a worker bee, but finds it far more interesting when everyone has a different point of view and yet everyone can still get along. She is colorful – she uses color to mirror her mood. She is vital – energetic – not the shy, retiring, type, but she also knows the appropriate time to hold her peace. I like the Deola Sagoe woman because she’s really like a contribution to life.

Deola is a personality with many layers, much like the multilayered designs she crafts. She is a wondrous contradiction, a charismatic yet serene figure, outgoing yet shy, enterprising yet protective, rebellious yet a believer in age-old traditions.





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