10 ways men destroy their marriages

Some men have the tendency to destroy their marriages with wrong attitudes. It is not only women’s duty to keep their marriages. It takes combined efforts from husbands and wives to make a successful, loving and lasting marriages. Nigerian men should know this and adjust accordingly.

Below are 10 ways men destroy their marriages without knowing it.


Cheating on her

Cheating on your wife can destroy your marriage. She may still live with you but her heart is no longer with you. No woman loves a man who constantly drools over other women, cheats on her and even brags about it. It is heart breaking.

Refusing to responsibility for your actions

When you take full responsibility for your own behaviour, things will be better. Don’t blame your wife or cheating on her. Don’t claim she is the cause of your drinking problem. Rather than blame her for all your irresponsible actions, accept that it is your fault. Take responsibility or your actions and make your life reflect the values you desire. Don’t destroy your marriage because of pride.

Leaving her alone

One of the quickest ways to destroy your marriage is to leave your wife alone. When you spend all your time at work or at your business place and afterwards, hang out with friends, you are slowly destroying your marriage. When you abandon your wife at home all the time, who do you expect to take care of her?

Avoiding intimacy

Intimacy doesn’t mean having sex or women. Women need emotional bonding, mutual reciprocation and soul connection. Being emotionally unavailable, distant, and only interested in the physical act, breaks her heart. You will destroy whatever you both have built by refusing to be close to her. It’s too bad if you are only affectionate and attentive on the days you want sex.

You don’t apologize

All marriages have conflict. The refusal to apologize is a quick way to destroy yours. When you offend your wife, apologize. You won’t stop being a man when you say sorry to the woman you live with. For your wife, an apology means she has moved forward, through the conflict and is now seeking peace.

Taking fun out of sex

As a married man, make sex fun for your wife. Start in the morning with a kiss. Tell her she’s beautiful. Women never get tired of hearing that from the man they love. Help get the kids ready for school. After work, ask about her day. Cook for her, take care of her and make sex fun instead a duty and medium for making babies only.

Taking her insecurity lightly

When she complains about things you do that increases her feelings o insecurities, don’t laugh it o and whine about her being jealous. She needs your reassurance, not belittling, joking, or teasing. Your wife is motivated by your love and loyalty.

Trying to fix her

When your woman comes to you for some advice, don’t use the opportunity to remind her of all her weaknesses. Listen to her when she feels like unburdening her soul to you. Don’t shout her down or tell her to be like someone else. It will destroy your marriage.

Ignoring the importance of simple gestures

Your wife sometimes doesn’t care about fancy jewellery or expensive meals. She feels loved by the small tokens of your love and appreciation. How do you treat your wife? What kind of words do you use while talking to her? Do you say thank you, please and sorry when necessary? Don’t destroy your marriage by being stiff and egoistic.

Harbouring bitterness and anger

When you feel stressed about work, about money, about your relationship, don’t heap your frustration on her. This will destroy your relationship. If she did something wrong, tell her instead of punishing her silent treatments and reusing to eat after she has laboured to make food or you.


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