Beauty queen empowers women

Frances Udukwu reigning Miss Africa USA 2016 has unveiled her pet project called The Lead Girl Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, which aims at empowering women and girls from the age of 18.

She revealed that women empowerment is a smart initiative because it will give them financial independence to enable them to make choices, drive growth and inspire their families and communities as a whole.

The beauty queen said that her goal is to utilize her platform as the reigning Miss Africa USA to empower young women to achieve their dreams knowing that an empowered woman is a blessing to an empowered and inspired community.

Frances Udukwu

Frances Udukwu

The foundation, according to her, has four core focuses which are vocational skills training programme, enterprise development programme, mentoring woman in business programme and code school for formerly incarcerated ladies.

Frances Udukwu revelaed that “The Lead Girl Foundation envisions a world where women and girls have equal opportunities, as well as capital, skill-set and network necessary to become financially independent, resulting in a more secure future. Financial independence gives women choices and enables women to spend more on their families, drive growth in their economies and inspire others in their communities.”

She also said she came to Nigeria to begin work with select project sites in the country such as the Holy Rosary College, Enugu, embark on a university tour and have an interactive session with female executives of student union governments.
Udukwu said seeing Nigerian women with so much energy and passion good enough to engender change in their various communities inspired her vision to float the foundation, which she hopes to use to help women channel their various energies into much more profitable and sustainable ventures.

Frances Udukwu is an epitome of beauty, brains and compassion. She is the typical example of the African American dream, blending cultures for the 21st Century global market.



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