How do you snatch a man?

As a woman, how do you snatch a man? Is it possible to snatch an unwilling man?

Since the news broke out that famous American Actress Angelina Jolie filed for a divorce from her long time partner and husband of two years, Brad Pitt, the word snatch has filled social media.

Many people both men and women alike are saying that her relationship with Brad was doomed from the start because she SNATCHED him from his ex- wife Jennifer Aniston.

What this means is that Brad was snatched like handbag which is far from the truth. He fooled around with another woman while still married, so why is the woman being vilified while he was the one who made vows to be faithful to his ex wife?

Now to my question, can a man be snatched?

Can a woman snatch a man?

Is he an inanimate object to be snatched without his consent?

If a man decides to leave his wife and run after another woman, is she to blame?

Does a side chic have any moral duty to the wife of her married lover?

For a long time, I have been hearing, ‘She stole him, she snatched him, home breaker, strange women.’

This is very common in Nigeria.

A man puts his wife through hell and somehow society blames either the wife or the side chic but somehow absolves the man of his philandering ways.

Now, this is my thoughts and opinion about this whole husband snatching phrases and accusations.

No woman ca keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.

You cannot force a man to be good if he is irresponsible.

When a man with a wandering penis gets carried away with the sweetness of a succulent vagina, he is to blame, not the woman.

Or did he forget that he made vows and commitments to his woman to be her, forsaking all others till death parts them?

When he was busy scheming to penetrate another vagina other than that of his wife, was he drugged or forced or coerced?

Why don’t women get snatched and stolen like these men who society makes excuses for whenever they cheat o their women without sympathy or conscience?

If a grown man who knows right from wrong decides to fall into a vagina and refuses to get up, is it the woman’s fault?

No unwilling man can be snatched by another woman.

It is men who have wandering eyes and community penises that get entangled with women who decide to destroy them and their marriages.

You can’t be focused on your wife alone, minding your marriage and seeking for different ways to make your wife happy and one daughter of Eve will just snatch you like a Gucci handbag.

It is impossible.

It is when you give in to lies, deceits ad try to play smart by lying to different women just to shine their congo while still married that kasala will burst and you start blaming the woman.

Nigerian women, no married man can be snatched unless they are willing to be snatched.

Stop blaming side chic and face your community penis husbands who keep lying to these women just to fuck them.

No side chic can snatch an unwilling man.

He follows his side chic willingly because he knows you will only pray more, whine, cook his favourite food and fuck him some more while doing competition with side chic.

Go and face your men.

They are the ones who keep lying to you.




I am a writer, a journalist and phenomenal woman. I don't conform to societal stereotypes. I am passionate about women and the issues that plague womanhood in this part of the world. Engage and be awakened.

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