What women wished their men knew about them

Most men just don’t get why their women complain about issues they consider irrelevant.

They don’t get why a woman whom they beat their chest in pride to say they take care of suddenly summons the courage to say she’s unhappy, alone and emotionally abandoned.

They don’t get why women seek for them to be present, to truly love them, listen to them and hear them out. A woman is not a piece of furniture with which you decorate a house.

Why have her around when you are distant to the point of not even knowing her bra size, shoe size or her favourite perfume?

Most men don’t get why a woman who lives in a nice house, has some loose change to throw around, dazzles her friends with the latest fashion and make them green with envy with her expensive jewelleries, still complain about her husband being absent.

They think money is everything. They throw it around their women whenever they complain of their absence. They shut them up with cash whenever they try to share their feelings of loneliness with them.

Many men think that by spending long hours working, doing different businesses and making more money, their women will be satisfied. They equate love, affection and loyalty to how much money they can spend on their women.

When last did you really take time to listen to your wife share her innermost feelings with you without using them against her?

When last did you take time to find out what she really wants?

Do you shut her down without really getting what she’s saying?

When last did you ask her what really makes her happy?

When last did you look into her eyes, hold her hands and appreciate her for being herself?

When last did you truly ask for her forgiveness for hurting her badly in the past without trivialising the issues she raised?

Emotional abandonment has wrecked many relationships and it’s getting worse.

Don’t wave aside that complain your woman gives about you leaving her alone all the time.

Men are leaving their wives to themselves and claiming they are working to give them a better life.

Many women are complaining of being emotionally abandoned by men who don’t even understand what they are saying because they just don’t get it.

Most men don’t get how a woman wants to be loved. They don’t get what makes her heart beat faster and her toes curl in excitement.

Take time out to find out the love language of the woman you claim to love, not all women are moved with how much cash you can throw around.

You don’t have to see her complain as nagging. This is the mistake most men make.

Otherwise, you will wake up one morning to discover you are living with a shell that has been emptied of its valuable contents.

As a man, you should not wait for your wife to become a shadow of herself before you love her the way she wants to be loved.

Talk to her today.

And make amends where necessary.

Your relationship will be better off for it.

Money is not everything.

Remember that.


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