7 ways couples can survive economic recession

The economic recession is biting hard in Nigeria now. Many families are struggling to make ends meet these days and it is affecting many marital relationships. But there is always a way out, couples just need to stay united at tough times more than they ever were before if they plan on overcoming the stress of economic hardships in their relationships.

Couple arguing over money

Couple arguing over money

Below are some of the ways couples can rise above the economic recession in Nigeria:
Talk and communicate
While all these questions are buzzing around, talk with your spouse and communicate.  Decide on a direction you both support and start looking forward.  Commit to moving through the process together, not alone.
Prioritize together
What things do you value the most? Write the items in a list. For example, food, household, transport. Apply your finances to the first thing on your list.  Go in that order no matter how loudly someone else says they need to get paid.  If you are not budgeting, you need to start.
Acknowledge your different emotions
You may be tempted to lash out to find a place to release your frustration. But don’t do that. You will end up hurting your loved ones instead of them allowing them help you get through difficult moments.
Avoid the blame game
At this point, once things are damaged, it is not the time to figure out who is to blame. This will only serve to push your spouse away. Your frayed nerves will do more damage than good if you let them run rampant. There will be a time for reflection and debriefing, but in the midst of the chaos you will do more harm than good if you start to play the blame game.
Minimize the pressure around you
If you allow it, financial concern can completely consume you and your spouse. Schedule time in your day to focus your energy on other chores or tasks. Removing yourself from the worry and strain will help remove the burden.
help is difficult because of one reason – pride.
Don’t be afraid to dream
If you have just lost a job, this is a great chance to dream. What am I passionate about doing? What have I always wanted to try? This crisis might simply be a hidden opportunity. Look ahead and have some direction. The time may be right for turning a hobby into a business or even trying a new way to make money. Just be sure to ask the right questions to reduce risks.
Stay in control
You may be tempted to throw up your hands and say “I don’t care anymore.” Whatever you do make sure you break the debt cycle by refusing to take on more debt. While a series of financial tragedies can be extremely difficult, your responses during this time will determine a large portion of the situation’s solution.


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