Why do many men find it hard to tell their wives they love them?

If your wife is cheating on you, she’s mostly cheating on you because you careless about her feelings and attention not because you are not able to provide for the family. Married men, ask yourself today when last did I tell my wife I love you? Be sincere to yourself.

I was on the phone with my wife yesterday evening and I concluded my call by saying “I love you dear”. A senior colleague overheard my conservation with my wife and asked me how many years I’ve been married to my wife and I told him 5 years plus. He further asked me if I have kids and I said “yes sir!, I have two girls”.

He went further to say; “na small pikin still dey worry you. So after five years of marriage with two pikin you still dey tell your wife wey you don marry put for house I love you like say you dey toast her. Na girls wey man dey hustle dem dey tell I love you no be wife wey don park enter house and don born pikin for you dem dey tell I love you because she no get anywhere she go fit go again.”

I was lost of words for some couple of minutes, struggling to find the right words, trying desperately hard to coordinate the right words in my head so as not to sound rude to a superior officer but none came up. I only managed to shake my head in pity for the wife of this senior colleague because I can imagine the misery this colleague wife will be going through. I argued not with him and excused myself before he’ll infest and ruin my day with his amplified ignorance.

Many men find it so easy to tell their side chicks how much they love, care and can do anything for them. They spend valuable time with their side chicks and even call and write their side chicks flawless messages on different social medial messengers effortlessly.

But when it comes to their wife, the mother of their children, the woman they swore to love before the alter till death, they find it so hard to say I LOVE YOU talk less writing her a sweet later.

Many men can’t remember the last time they told their wife “I love you”. Some virtually stopped telling their wife I love you the moment the marriage has been sealed and has produced children.

These men feel telling their wife I love you is not more needed. Some are so shy to say I love you to their wife. Some can’t even describe their wife with words or on paper; their wife is completely lost in their memory.

Some men simply see their wife as some sex tool and baby factory; no compliments, no sweet words and no outing with their wife. Some hardly notice changes in their wife until when told.

Women crave for love and attention more than money. Providing all the finance in the house without showing care, attention and love to your wife is like fetching water in a basket. When you investigate that woman well, you’ll realize someone out there is doing your job perfectly well for you.

Believe me, any smart guy who is gifted with beautiful words and know how to give attention and care to a woman will steal your wife easily and your wife will be spending your hard earned money on that guy.


Written by Edward E. Onoriode as a Facebook post


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  1. Dumex says:

    I dough my hat for the guy that wrote this, You killed it

    • Duchess Kaykay says:

      He is a good man. Thank you fro reading and for your consistent support oga. God bless you real good. You are one in a million.

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