My love for boosting every woman’s confidence gave birth to Niffy Signature -Nifemi Fagbohun

Oluwanifemi Fagbohun is a Chemical & Polymer Engineer by discipline, but became a beauty entrepreneur because of her passion for making women beautiful.

She is the Creative Director & Head Makeup Artist at Niffy Signature where beauty speaks. Armed with eight years experience in the industry with a penchant for paying attention to details, she is also a sucker for research on all that encompasses skin, health and beauty.

She recalls that her love for boosting every woman’s confidence through make-up gave birth to Niffy Signature, a one-way stop studio for all beauty related services where she creates signature looks bespoke to every occasion. Her core values are integrity, confidence and excellence.

Nifemi Fagbohun

Nifemi Fagbohun


Lessons learnt over the years

Life is a citadel of learning, so I have learnt many lessons in the cause of working with my passion. As a MUA, I have learnt to be more disciplined and more tolerant. I have
learnt to place more value on the business itself. I have also discovered the power of great branding and presentation which in turn helps us in magnetizing our own target audience.

Not afraid of competition

The truth is every make-up artist has different styles and techniques to approaching their brands, jobs and clients. Besides, there’s enough room to accommodate everyone considering the population of Nigerian women.

People won’t stop looking beautiful and the need for a professional makeup artist would surely come to play. Hence, I am not afraid of any make-up artist taking over the beauty industry. There’s no issue at all. All we need to do is understand how to target our own audience and strategically get our clients and would-be clients get glued to us.

Unique Selling Point

My USP include excellent customer service, business integrity and professionalism. I won’t trade these for anything else.

Challenges in the beauty industry
They include: the acts of plagiarism where a particular makeup artist passes off jobs of other seasoned professionals as theirs thereby misleading clients.

– Half baked make-up artists who are not well trained keep soiling the image of others, thereby trying to pull down the standards of the profession. These people with their zero expertise and zero professionalism are giving the industry a bad name.

-Thankfully, the beauty industry’s image is redeemed day by day as the Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria (MAGN) is shaping the industry to attaining great standards and also acts as an authoritative voice for all beauty professionals.

High moments

When I am done beautifying a bride and she gives me that super satisfactory look and everyone feels excited about my job. It gives me fulfillment. Such moments can’t be paid for.

Handling difficult clients

It’s all about patience and keeping extra calm with such client. Trust me, it works. I just keep saying sorry and dance to her tune till she’s well relaxed then you can convince her professionally on what you think it’s cool.

It also depends on the situation, but you don’t need to get all verbally dramatic with your client. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We are all a work in progress. Regardless of how tough or difficult your client is, handle your client as that precious gem stone that she is. It’s worth it at the end of it all. I go the extra mile to make my clients happy and we both become happy when it ends well.

Success tips
To become a successful make-up artist involves hard work, diligence and dedication. Consistency is important too. Aspiring make-up artists also need to stay tuned for regular upgrade of their skills to gain relevance.

They have to move with the evolution, it’s not a bad idea to invest in learning a particular new makeup technique or gele styles.

Your passion for the art would continually be your driving force and lastly God’s grace keeps you going as long as you don’t neglect the God factor.

Going an extra mile counts

I will go extra mile in getting my skills well updated to meet up with my clients demand as they are the ones who gives referrals.



I am a writer, a journalist and phenomenal woman. I don't conform to societal stereotypes. I am passionate about women and the issues that plague womanhood in this part of the world. Engage and be awakened.

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    This is an impacting interview. Kudos to Niffy and Feminine. com

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