Ladies, this is how you know he’s for keeps

How do you know your man is for keeps? When you meet a guy for a few dates and you are wondering if he’s just a fling or a permanent address, there are signs you should look out for.

These 10 signs show you if your boyfriend is topping the charts on your ‘husband-to-be’ list.

He puts you first

Does your man constantly put you first? Does he work around your schedule and really work to accommodate you? Does he even pick out all your favourite foods just to make sure that you have things to eat even without you asking him? Are you constantly on his mind? This is absolutely one of the top signs he is a keeper.

He’s there for you when you need him

Is your guy there for you in all aspects of everything? Is he there for you when the times are tough and when you are having emotional problems? If your man is willing to go out of his way just to keep you company, he is absolutely a keeper.

He’s faithful, loyal and committed

Is he someone who is reliable and trustworthy? You know deep down in your heart that you can always count on him for support, understanding, and comfort. Most importantly, can you trust him that he won’t deliberately do things or make decisions that would hurt you or your relationship? He’s a man to keep.

He listens to you

Does he listen empathetically and patiently to the things you say without being judgmental? Does he see things from your point of view before providing solutions or advice? Is he able to get his message across and convey his thoughts effectively? Hold him tight.

He respects you

Does he value your opinions and genuinely wants to understand your thoughts? Does he discuss things with you before making important decisions? If he respects you, your family, your friends, your choices, your career, and your space and privacy and treats you as an equal partner, he is a keeper.

He’s romantic and sensitive

Does he expresses his love and care for you through simple, affectionate gestures like hugs, kisses, holding hands, calls, sweet little notes/cards, saying “I love you,” without shame? Is he attentive and sensitive to your needs, and cheerfully does little things to make you happy and loved and cared for? Then, he is for keeps.

He’s appreciative and forgiving

If he doesn’t take you or your relationship with him for granted, keep him. If he appreciates you and the things you do for him on a daily basis, doesn’t hold grudges when you unintentionally hurt his feelings or make mistakes, he forgives and moves on, he is a husband material.

He loves you just the way you are

You are good enough just the way you are, in fact, in his eyes, you are the best. He accepts you as a total package – the good and the not-so-good. He helps and encourages you to learn and grow to your fullest potential, instead of molding you to become the “dream girl” or “ideal wife” in his fantasy. He doesn’t try to change you or bring you down because he feels threatened. He’s your man for life.

He always invites you to hang out with his family and friends

If your guy often invites you to family gatherings or nights out with his friends, then it can only mean one thing, he’s proud to have you as his girl and he wants to show the whole world especially the people close to him that you two are together.

He remembers little details

This can range from basics like your anniversary or your birthday or to the mundane like how you like your tea or your shoe size. Remembering all that means he’s listening when you talk to him and paying attention to your routine and mannerisms.

He can argue with you

No relationship is perfect and conflicts are bound to arise, but how both of you deal with them will tell you where your relationship is. Does he argue fairly? Does he listen to your side of the argument? If he can get his point across without trashing yours, then you know he’s trying to make the relationship work.

He talks about the future with you

What about the future? Does he constantly talk about the future? Does he constantly mention marriage and even mention kids someday? Those are all of the signs pointing to him being a keeper.



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