This is why I love being a Daddy!

Being a daddy is not easy. Most men love to do macho things and boast about them. But nothing prepares them for the intricacies of being a dad. Being a father is a huge responsibility that comes with a lot of sacrifice which requires patience to execute perfectly. For men who have gone down the road of fatherhood, newborns test their manhood in different ways.

Given all these challenges, nothing beats that feeling of holding one’s child for the first time. Some new fathers are so thrilled that they go out of their way to do something incredible even for strangers just to share their joy with the world.

Having a baby is an intense experience. You are so captivated by this little person who is changing every day and whose needs are so immediate. Everything else in your life becomes secondary because you have this person absolutely depending on you, responding to you.

Mr. Peter thought it would take ages for his wife, Naomi to get pregnant because there were some fertility issues in the family and she didn’t have regular periods also. They prepared for parenting for years that when his wife told him she was pregnant, he cried.

Being a daddy lifted his spirit. “For the first two months of my daughter Amanda’s life, there wasn’t a lot I could do. Naomi always carried her, she then breast-fed her regularly. She had a different connection with Amanda that I was almost jealous.”

It’s only recently that I have been able to engage with Amanda on terms I can understand. She has become more real to me. I like finding things to do that Naomi doesn’t, I look for creative ways to get Amanda excited.

There’s definitely a feeling of responsibility to earn enough money now. I started planning for our future a lot. We live in a rented apartment, and we started planning on how to move to bigger place as we have more babies. I work extra hard to make enough money now, and today, we are fine.

My feelings for Amanda are different from my feelings for anyone else. Would I die for Naomi? I may, but I would weigh it a bit. With Amanda, it would be instant. But babies really don’t come in nice neat packages. There are no instructions on their backs; you have to work out what your baby needs now constantly. That’s the main difference between life before and life after having a baby. I love being a daddy.


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