10 life skills fathers should teach children before they turn teenagers

Teenagers need to be taught some life skills but sometimes, some parents over pamper their children.

In a bid to give children the best things in life, some parents neglect the important aspect of raising their children and teaching them life skills that will keep them going aside the education they get from school.

With so much for children to learn in today’s high-tech world, it’s all too easy for them to miss out on practical life skills which may come in handy when they least expect it. Skills such as washing, cleaning, arranging and ironing are important than operating a smart phone.


Father and Daughter folding clothes

Father and Daughter folding clothes

Mr. Stanley Ijeamaka started early to teach his children skills that can keep them going even in his absence. Having lost his parents as a child, he was exposed to the cruelty of the world. He since vowed to teach his children skills that can help them be independent no matter how financially rich he becomes.

He taught his four children aged 15 to 9 how to wash since they were 10 years old. He noted that too many teenagers head to secondary school these days with no clue how to clean their clothes. He has refused to let his children become one of them. But in teaching them this skill, he didn’t aim for perfection. He aimed for them to get the job done and they did it.

He also taught his children how to prepare simple foods. Children should not be spoiled with food, he noted. He invites them into the kitchen on Sundays when he cooks for his family. They know how to help make meals, he assigns them jobs to do, and stay calm when the oil spills and the eggshells fly. He focused on safety and practice, and you today, they are almost master chefs at home because they can cook and eat before he comes home from work.

His children have learnt how to treat a wound. In a home, there is bound to be simple accidents. He taught his children from a young age not to freak out when they see blood.

‘’Giving my would be teenagers a game plan will distract them from the pain and come in handy when he is not around. They know how to apply pressure until the bleeding stops, rinse the cut with water and dab on some antibiotic ointment, then apply a bandage.’’

They learnt how to clean the bathroom and toilet too. ‘’I keep rags or a sponge handy for wiping toothpaste blobs off the sink. Toilet duties require greater skill. From age 8, my children can clean the lid, seat, and base with a disinfecting wipe. I just make sure they wash their hands thoroughly afterward. My older children learnt to scrub the bowl with a nontoxic cleaner at age 10. They sprinkle the sides with toilet wash and then scrub with a toilet brush.’’


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