New school adjustment strategies for children

New school adjustments are not easy. Due to the economic recession in the country, many parents have withdrawn their children from private schools and enrolled them in cheaper private schools or public schools.

Some of these parents who are being owed salaries or have their businesses grounded to a halt, the options available to them regarding educating their children is limited. So, they opt for what works best for their families.

Whether their long holidays was jam-packed with activities or filled with complaints about being bored with nothing to do, children often have a tough time making the back-to-school transition.

Back-to-school time inevitably brings many changes for children and families. It can be a season of new school settings; and new classrooms and new teachers. As with any new situation like starting school for the first time or attending a new school, children need some time to adjust. Parents have the responsibility of helping their children battle these butterflies.

Children going to a new school particularly need to be reassured that it won’t be a tough road to travel. Even if they are afraid to make new friends or get along with their new teachers, they have to be fully focused on their school work and know their parents can be there for them also.

Mrs. Maria Nwadike’s last child was enrolled in a public school because of inadequate funds. Her daughter, seven year old Nneka is withdrawing from sharing her enthusiasm of her new school with her family.

Initially, she was so excited about her new school, but having attended some classes after resumption, she has suddenly become withdrawn. But her behaviour didn’t go unnoticed. Her bright eyes and cheerful disposition gave way to gloom and  lack of enthusiasm whenever morning comes.

”I noticed this immediately and sought for ways to make her open up to me. I asked her what she thought about her new school, what her teacher was like and the names of her new friends. I made her feel that her feelings mattered to me as well as her social and academic life.”

In addition, I have made her new teacher my ally. This will make her give me any feedback I need regarding my daughter’s re-adjustment to her new environment at school. Getting her to tell me what happens at school everyday makes it easy for her to adapt and also eases my mind.

The extra time we spend chatting and talking about her new classmates had a way of relaxing her. It made her feel safe and secure in her new educational setting even though she’s still anxious. I assured her that I will always support her. I am not overprotective of her though, she has to face the world herself.

I know that going to a public school is a new start for Nneka. She now has a chance to make new friends, who come from different backgrounds and also get to know her new teachers. It may not be what she is used to in her previous private school, but it’s better than staying at home.

With my care and support, I am sure she will make it through this transition and come out a stronger girl. At the end of the workday, I put aside my concerns and focus on being a parent to my girl.




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