Be happy when people leave your life, it’s for the best

Be happy when people leave your life. Stop crying when people walk out of your life.

You have to know that the closer you get to excellence in life, the more friends you will lose.

There’s nothing wrong with you. People love you when you are average because it makes them comfortable, but the moment you step into excellence, they get angry.

Some people just love being around when you are on the same level with them.

But when you dare to pursue greatness, it makes them question who they really are.

Just be prepared to lose people on your journey.

And no, you are not abnormal, you are just on your way to greatness and not everyone is allowed to go on that journey with you.

It doesn’t matter what they say about you.

It doesn’t matter they do to you.

If you are passionate enough about your life’s goals, you will make it.

Being people’s favourite doesn’t translate to being successful. Never forget that.

Many will leave because you are no longer on the same level with them.

But there are steps you must take too.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will do that for you?

If you don’t focus on what you want, how will you achieve it?

If you don’t think big and set goals for your life, how will you be successful?

If you don’t do what excites you, how will you be persistent when challenges come?

If you don’t create time to relax and have fun, how will you enjoy your life?

If you don’t develop a thick skin to side talks and discouraging comments, how will you rise to the top?

If you don’t get your priorities right, how will you be great?

If you don’t go for what you want now, when will you do it?

If you don’t feed your mind and body with good stuff, how will you sustain yourself?

If you don’t choose empowering thoughts over your challenges, how can you withstand adversities?

Do what you must do while there’s still time.

Start now. Start small. Start afraid. Start with pains.

But don’t ever let other people determine how far you will go in life.

You are the one walking your path and not them.

So, whenever people leave your life because you are striving to be better, let them go.

Let them be.

Focus on you, yourself and you.

Your greatness beckons.

Be you. Do you. Love you.

You matter.





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