Six months after, Charity Aiyedogbon is still missing

It’s been six months Abuja-based business woman, Charity Aiyedogbon was declared missing by her friends. Deepdeal Chacha de Hammer as she’s fondly called has not been found despite the the awareness people have created about her case on different social media platforms.

The facebook page created to create awareness about her disappearance has not been updated for a while now. It seems the tempo has died down and Nigerians have moved on with their lives without seeking to know what really happened to Charity.

Charity Aiyedogbon

Charity Aiyedogbon

Charity, a mother of four was said to have gone missing on May 9th, 2016. She became silent on Facebook which was a red flag for her friends as she always communicated with them and shares her pictures almost on daily basis.

They raised the alarm and then the search for her began. Chacha’s case was one strong one. Women were passionate about it. Many cried. Many cursed and many were determined to find her. A protest was even planned but her first daughter Juliet Aiyedogbon kicked against it. She insisted her mother wasn’t missing but eloped with a younger man.

But since then, no one has heard even a line of greeting and confirmation from Chacha that she was okay or that she was in hiding. It is even more strange that her family memebrs are not making attempts to look for her. No one has heard from either her parents or her siblings about her sudden disappearance.

One is tempted to ask if she offended her whole family that no one is interested in finding out what truly happened to her. With all the campaign individuals, women groups, civil groups and talk shows embarked on just to find out what happened to Charity, their efforts have yielded no results.

When American based lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye got involved in her case. He said that Charity had been killed and decapitated. It was said that a body was discovered days after charity went missing in Abuja but was left unclaimed.

Emeka accused her estranged husband, David Aiyedogbon of masterminding the kidnap and death of the wife of his youth because she filed a case against him at the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC.

Emeka’s claims elicited so much emotions from everyone as people wanted David to pay for his crime. But there was no proof. Her family even refused to carry out a DNA test on the decapitated body to be sure whether it was indeed hers.

Months after, her friend Pamela Odera Nwansoh posted pictures of Charity’s car and phones the police recovered from two individuals in Enugu State. After then, not much has been heard about her case and it sends chills down our spines that a woman can disappear just like that and nobody can actually say what happened.

On the Justice for Charity Aiyedogbon Page on Facebook, emotions are still running high.

One woman posted this comment: ”David will never rest, he is causing more harm than good. He told a lot of people not to look for charity any longer, he said she eloped with a lover without her phone, clothes or car. He threatened and fought off everyone helping, he even have the energy,time and money to fight Barr Emeka Ugwuonye legally, in the media, on newspaper and stupid Sahara desert blog, even use individual to black mail him, yet he couldn’t spare a single small column to find the mother of his four kids, he couldn’t spare some change to do DNA on the body found. I stop asking that question only because I realized he was only stalling all efforts to expose Chacha’s death because he killed her. He knew people, especially Nigerians will forget about her so quick. He has threatened her family to keep quiet as you can remember he was sleeping with Chacha’s immediate sister. I just wonder what type of useless, terrible, godforsaken family who sold out their blood. All I have for every family member of hers, including her children is hate.”

Phew, it’s such a sad story. But the question remains:

Where is Charity Aiyedogbon aka Deepdeal Chacha de Hammer

Why is her family members not looking for her?

If she’s truly alive, why has she not communicated with anyone?

Could she have been murdered by her estranged husband Charity Aiyedogbon?

Why are her children not perturbed by her disappearance?

What kind of children would care less about their missing mother?

Did she offend her whole family that they don’t give a hoot about her whether she is alive or dead?

What is the Nigerian Police doing about her case?

Have suspects been arrested?

Who are the persons of interest in her case?

What happened to Charity Aiyedogbon?

God help us!


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    Sad indeed,and to think her memory is fading just like that.

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