Nigerian women don’t need to pray for these 10 things

There are things Nigerian women don’t need to pray for. Many times when I see the long prayer lists of some Nigerian women, I feel pity for them. These women love to pray endless prayers just to keep themselves busy.

The annoying part is that some of the things they pray for and disturb others to pray for too don’t require prayers, they demand common sense and application of wisdom. But no! Nigerian women love to pray. So they pray for cheating men, pray to be treated right, pray when they are being beaten and even pray when someone sexually molests their child.

But Naija women don’t have to pray for these ten things anymore. They need wisdom to drop dead relationships and move on with their lives.

Nigerian women praying

1. Nigerian women don’t need to pray to get married. Marriage will happen at it’s time. You cannot force it if you have not met the right man or if you keep tolerating abusive men because you want to get married quickly.

2. Nigerian women don’t need to pray for a man to love them. Love is not by force. If a man doesn’t love you, no amount of prayer and scheming can make him love you. God is not a magician. He can’t force a man to love you because you keep bombarding him with prayers. Move on.

3. Nigerian women don’t need to pray for their men to be faithful. They have to demand faithfulness and accountability from their men the same way their men demand it from them. It takes two to make a marriage work. You can’t keep praying for a man who keeps cheating on you. How do you women do it?

4. Nigerian women don’t need to pray to gain the trust of their men. You have to give him something to trust about you. You can’t keep acting in an untrustworthy manner and expect your man to trust you.

5. Nigerian women should stop praying about sex. Sex is ordained by God between couples. There’s nothing dirty about desiring your husband and seducing him. Stop praying for your sexual urges to die. Haba!

6. Nigerian women don’t need to pray for money if they are not working or doing business that will fetch money. You cannot turn God to a liar because you have refused to work. Money comes when you work not when you pray 15 hours a day.

7. Nigerian women don’t need to pray for people to like them. In life, it’s not everybody that will like you or your guts or intelligence or beauty. Learn to leave people alone. Your prayers won’t do anything.

8. Nigerian women don’t need to pray for fulfillment. When you go after your passion, you will find fulfillment. Women should stop hopping from one profession or business to another because others are doing it. You are unique. Find out what brings you joy and fulfillment and do it. Do it even if you are the only one. You will find fulfillment. You don’t have to pray for that too. It’s common sense you should apply.

9. Nigerian women don’t need to pray for to lose weight. Hian. Focus on cutting out carbs from your food as well as soda. Eat more of protein and fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats and you are good to go.

10. Nigerian women should not even pray for self esteem. They need to build a healthy sense of self esteem. It’s a personal thing. Prayers can’t give a positive sense of self esteem if you keep playing the victim and lack the ability to rise above your negatives.



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