Victoria Inyama’s note to mothers of boys

Screen Diva, Victoria Inyama recently shared a note to mothers of boys. The ebony black beauty revealed that it was one of her night thoughts about how boys are being raised by their mothers. She admonished mothers to teach their sons how to show love and emotions so that violence against women will be reduced.

She equally enjoined them to do this for the sake of their daughters who will marry in future. It’s quite a timely post. Enjoy it.

Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama

She posted it on her Instagram page and titled it:

To all the moms of sons

”Do you show your sons love, like loving them and showing them genuine, sincere love?

I feel that most men who don’t have emotions and are not sensitive do that because they don’t know what love is.

How can they give what they don’t have?

So, please, my fellow moms to boys that will grow to be men, give them night kisses.

Pray with your son.

Communicate and share secrets with him.

Praise him.

Remind him of how much he is loved.

Encourage him to show his emotions, feelings and to show compassion.

He needs the strength of love to face challenges.

Doing this as mothers will help reduce all these violence against women.

Let’s reduce further future abuse against women.

Let’s start today for the sake of our daughters.

Living. Loving. Learning.”


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  1. queen says:

    Mothers of boys should stop raising robots. She’s right. Boys should be shown love and taught to express their feelings

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