Isio De-LaVega has lost track of her academic degrees

Isio De-LaVega recently said that she has lost track of her many academic certificates, degrees and accolades. Isio is a popular Nigerian supermodel, columnist, painter and interior architect.

She has received an African Youth Society award, two Future Awards nominations, FAB award, a Nigerian Model Achievers Award and was named a Youth Ambassador by the Global Foundation for Peace, Unity, and Development.

Isio has pursued several endeavors including: making graphic art consisting of hand-made cards in year 2000, modeling in 2002, television presenter in 2007, fashion design in 2009 (after which she debuted 5000 outfits as one of three official designers for the Lagos Carnival in 2010).

Isio de la vega

Isio was so full of joy recently that she went to Instagram to share her many academic achievements with her latest accomplishment. Below is her post:

”Sometimes I think I have lost track of how many academic certificates/degreesand accolades I have.

Let’s see, I have my B.A, M.Sc, 2 certificates in Italian Language from Giorgio La Pira Instituto di Lingua, 1 in Poise and Etiquette from Poise Nigeria, I Diploma in Advanced Computer Technology, I Diploma is Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting.

Now, I am lucky enough to have the CEM from PanAfrican University’s EDC, sponsored by the World Bank.

Am I done studying? I don’t think so.

I am self aware enough to admit to truly loving knowledge and so I seek it and enjoy the consequence which is self-empowerment.

I am truly fortunate. Congratulations to my fellow graduating students.”

Nigerian born Isio lived and schooled in Florence,  Italy where she earned an M.Sc  in Interior Design.When she moved back to Nigeria in 2012, she set up her design studio and continued her work as a TV presenter. She is conversant in six languages, but speaks only English, Yoruba, Italian and the indigenous “Broken English” proficiently.

She was sent to the Mayflower School in Ikenne when she was five years old. She completed her primary and secondary education there and was an active member of its sports, literary and dance societies – Participating in debates and competitions within the school and for the school against other schools in Ogun State.

After graduating high school, Isio spent two years at home studying to gain admission into College. She spent her spare time drawing, painting and writing poetry before finding the courage to share with her family that she had always wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion-model.

In January, 2014 Isio began publishing her writings through a weekly column in BellaNaija magazine, called Isio Knows Better.

In her articles, she combines wit, satire and personal experiences to draw out the audience to confront serious issues, social relationships and conflicts that are often thought about but rarely spoken about or acted upon in the Nigerian society.

In 2015, the Isio Knows Better column became so popular, that Wanogho was severely petitioned via social media by fans to resume writing after she took a six-week break from writing.

Isio contributes to the less-privileged and the sick by giving a monthly allowance of her earnings to orphanages and anonymously paying the medical bills of the sick.

Her outlook towards suffering, illnesses and hunger is fueled by her parents’ teachings of empathy and appreciation, and by many years spent in Mayflower School, a boarding school far away from the home of her childhood.

She saw first-hand there the devastating physical, emotional and psychological effects of neglect, discrimination, suffering and lack.

She mentors young models through Celebrite Modelling School and its annual programme,  The Model Workshop, and has a mentorship page with Mara Mentors online platform.




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    Wow, she must be a sucker for knowledge. Good luck to her.

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