Woman, do what your heart is calling you to do

Dear Nigerian woman, do what your heart is calling you to do.

It’s called going after your passion.

You don’t need other people’s validation to go after the life of your dreams.

Go after what you see in your mind’s eye.

It’s not everyone who will understand your life’s purpose and it’s okay to be misunderstood.

It’s not even everyone who will like what you are doing and how you are pushing forward to make it work.

Don’t stop because of oppositions, you need them to succeed.

You have to always remember that no one’s opinions, thoughts, plans and feelings matter more than yours.

Live your life. Walk your path with your head held high.

Go through your journey with fervour and embrace your passion with vigour, it pays in the end.

Keep doing your best.

Keep working towards your goal.

People will doubt you, use you, mock you and even laugh at you.

They will even try to bring you down to their level until you make things happen.

Success won’t escape you if you are relentless and committed.

Stay the course. Don’t give up!

As a woman, learn to celebrate other women on your way to the top.

Express your own brilliance, but don’t block someone else’s.

Be an amazing woman by lifting up others.

Unleash that goddess in you always to do good, to raise others, to be kind to all and to change the world.

We are all here to make a difference.

Be a superstar yourself and act it out so you won’t feel the need to tarnish another woman’s star.

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

There’s a wonder woman inside every woman.

Let’s unleash our greatness.

Let’s bear in mind that when one woman soars, we all fly.

Our bright lights in our own little corners can illuminate all of us.

Together, let us shine brightly in a world that seeks to drown our voices.


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